Thursday, April 12, 2012

St Patrick's Day Weekend - Part III

Sage and I had just left Broadway at the Beach to return to our room where Stump was "recovering" from "not feeling so well". (I think he really didn't want to go shopping, but oh well.)

We were getting ready to go out for St. Patrick's Day festivities when Sage suggested Stump wear a kilt. Imagine my surprise when he ACTUALLY TRIED IT ON!!!

He even said he would have worn it that day if it had fit better.

Stump in a kilt (rare photo opportunity)

We headed out to our favorite Irish bar on the beach, O'Keefe's (which I have blogged a few times before). O'Keefe's always has a pretty good size crowd on St. Patrick's Day, and as early as it was (around 1:00), today was no exception.

O'Keefe's Irish Bar

Vendors selling their Irish wares

The "green beer stand"

They had a man playing bag pipes in the parking lot. He would make a round inside the bar on occasion.

Irish folk singers setting up for outside entertainment

Sage and Stump with their green beer in hand

Breakfast had worn off and we couldn't ignore the scent of barbecued pork and corned beef coming from the outdoor grill. Time for food!

We grabbed our food and headed inside to sit down in the air conditioning

An Irish delight!

It was still early, but the inside of the bar was packed. There were also probably another 75 people outside under a tent at picnic tables

Hubby Stump

O'Keefe's Secret Shots (yes, we asked what was in them, no they wouldn't tell us) Down the hatch!

No St. Paddy's Day is complete without a Guinness (or four)

Maybe five

Sage is double-fisting them!

We have so much more to do during our weekend at Myrtle. There is yet another installment to come.

See you then!

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