Wednesday, April 11, 2012

St Patrick's Day Weekend - Part II

Hello, friends!

It has been much longer than I wanted since I posted. As most of you already know, my bestie Sage's home burned down during this trip and he has come to live with my husband and me until his new place is ready. Needless to say, it has been pretty hectic (but oh so much fun) at the MYFWBS household. Sorry you guys had to wait so long for the second installation.

After arriving at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Friday night, a good night's sleep refreshed us for a big day ahead. It was officially St. Patrick's Day. Stump and I took Sage down to Myrtle for a couple of reasons. Sage has never been to the beach, and I had REALLY want him to go see what we love so much, and St. Patrick's Day is Sage's favorite "secondary holiday". Myrtle Beach hosts a pretty good party on the Strip on St. Patrick's Day night.

We started the day off with breakfast at Mammy's Kitchen. They have an awesome breakfast buffet. I LOVE corned beef hash and added a pretty hefty dollop onto my plate in the spirit of St. Paddy's Day. After breakfast, we were planning to go to Broadway at the Beach for some touristy stuff and shopping. My husband Stump said he wasn't feeling very well as we left the restaurant so we went back to the hotel to drop him off while Sage and I did a little shopping.

(SIDE NOTE: I don't buy the "not feeling well" thing. The man doesn't like to shop) 

When Sage and I arrived at Broadway at the Beach, we found a photobooth and couldn't resist having a strip of photos taken. I should have taken a picture of those, but I just didn't think about it.

Sage, donning his St. Patrick's Day kilt

We wandered around a little and I snapped this picture of Sage on one of the bridges inside Broadway

We heard the song of the sirens calling as we passed It's Sugar. It's Sugar is a candy store to dwarf all candy stores. This place had everything sweet that you could have imagined. There were cerial sized boxes of Nerds and Hot Tamales, as well as 3 foot by 6 inch rolls of Sweet Tarts.

Inside It's Sugar

Sage holding those wax, soda bottle shaped juice candies)

Does this bring back memories or what? Boston Baked Beans??? I haven't seen those in YEARS!

The 27 pound Gummy Bear! This can be yours for only $149.99

The wall of M&Ms was a beautiful way to decorate a side wall

Me with my purchases outside of It's Sugar

Sage with his 8 arms

We spent over an HOUR in It's Sugar before we moved on to the next store, Tiki Jim's. Tiki Jim's is a gift store that has all kinds of fun things. Sage and I acted like a couple of kids. We tried on Sunglasses, and hats, read the silly sayings on tee shirts, and pretty much just had a good time.

Sage's drink of choice is always the Appletini

Mine is a white wine

Sage the Jester (the hat fits more than just his head in this case)

Hangining out with a pirate

We stopped in at Margaritaville for a couple of drinks to cool off and rest from all of the excitement.

An Irish Margarita (I can't remember what made it Irish. Too many margaritas? Maybe)

Me in a bear hug in front of one of the stores

Sage and I had a blast while out shopping. It was time to go back to the room to check on Stump and see if he was ready to go explore a little with us.

To be continued...

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