Friday, March 30, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012 - Part 1

Stump, Sage, and I planned a St. Patrick's Day getaway to Myrtle Beach, SC back in December. The time had come. It was Friday, March 16. I got off of work at 3:00 PM and hurried home to meet up with the guys who were waiting at my house.

We stopped off for a quick bite at The Back Door Deli in Danville, Virginia since I hadn't eaten that day. While Stump sat inside waiting on our order, Sage and I popped outside for a smoke and a picture or two.

Sage in the porch swing at The Back Door Deli

We were cooped up in the car for a little over 4 hours, so there isn't much story there with this exception: This Shell station at the North Carolina / South Carolina border is a stop that Stump and I always make on the way down. This is the perfect place to stretch your legs, grab something to drink, and use the facilities. As I walked up to the door I spied this sign:


After stopping for a beer in Conway, South Carolina, we finally got to our hotel on the oceanfront. The first thing that Sage spots is a bright orange safety cone! He insisted that I have my picture taken with it. In order to get the "inside joke", read HERE.

(Hi, my name is Diane. I forget and I fall down. That is my purpose in life.)

It had gotten dark (it was about 10:30), and the humidity had fogged up the lens on my iphone so please forgive the next couple of pictures.

Sage protected my from this safety cone for the duration of our stay by throwing his body in front of it to create a human barricade between my and certain disaster.

After getting checked in, we headed to O'Keefe's Irish Pub in Murrell's Inlet for a nightcap. O'Keefe's is one of my and Stump's go-to bars when we are in the Myrtle Beach area. I have sent Sage taunting pictures of myself from O'Keefe's - you can see some of them HERE. He finally got to see it for himself. I snapped this picture of Sage outside the door.

Sage in front of O'Keefe's

We ordered up a couple of drinks and enjoyed ourselves after a long road trip. We would make our way back to our hotel early so that we could spend as much time as we could on Saturday exploring.

Sage and his signature Appletini

I will share more! Stay tuned!


  1. OMG....I laughed so hard at that sign in the store...."Pull up your pants before you enter the store."

    Bwhahahahahahhahaha! That's PRICELESS indeed!

    We need to put those signs ALL OVER this city!!!!

    Great photos! Love that last one of Sage and his Appletini. One of these days I have to try one of those because they look so good!

    Have a SUPA' weekend, girl!


  2. Hey Ron!

    Isn't that the greatest sign ever!?!

    I immediately uploaded it to my facebook account and you wouldn't believe the "likes" I received from it. I even got "likes" from people I don't even know!

    You should try that appletini. If they are made right they are simply delish. Sometimes a bartender will think he is doing you a favor by making them super strong which makes it undrinkable (IMO). I like to really taste the apple in one.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi. First-time visitor. Saw a comment you made on Ron's blog and decided to click-through.

    I laughed so hard when I saw the Shell sign, by the way! More stores should post that same sign.

  4. Welcome, Complainer!

    Isn't Ron the best!?! I simply ADORE him!

    That sign at the Shell station cracked me up when I saw it. I have gotten so many comments about that sign it is unreal.

    What is really scary though is the fact that one feels the NEED to post such a sign. Oh, the times in which we live!

    Thanks for stopping by!