Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day at Cedar Hill Gun Range

Saturday was a perfect day to get outside and get some fresh air. After being cooped up for the last few months we were ready to combat cabin fever. Literally.

Stump and I got together with friends, Billy, Sandi, Mike, Sage, and Sandi's mom, Mildred, for a day at the shooting range. We loaded up a van and a car with weapons and ammunition and went to the Cedar Hill Gun Store and Range on Woodlawn Drive in Danville, Virginia.

 Cedar Hill Shooting Range is open Wednesday - Saturday 10-5

 Mildred, Sandi, and Mike paying their admission. Admission is $10 per person.

 I thought this was the perfect target to shoot. Stump, however, refused to stay put.

 Sandi, Mildred, Mike, and Sage unload the pistols and ammo.

 Mildred takes aim...

 Stump looks like he knows what he is doing. Military training didn't go to waste!

 Time for Mike to show his ability.

 Sage amazed all of us with his skill!

 That target doesn't stand a chance!

 Time to reload!

 We moved from the pistol range to the rifle range to hone our rifle skills.

 Those targets are REALLY far away!

Stump was drafted to go hang targets on the range.

 Ready, aim FIRE!

 Sandi isn't playing around!
Billy almost looks like he knows what he is doing!

 My turn!

 My favorite color: Ohhh.. shiney!

 Spent shell casings after a fun day at the shooting range.

We stayed at the shooting range until just after 5, then we headed out for dinner and a few beers at Kickback Jack's  All of us had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!


  1. " I thought this was the perfect target to shoot. Stump, however, refused to stay put."

    Bwhahahahhahahhahha! OMG, how FUNNY!

    LOVE these photos, girl!

    If you can believe this, I too have been to a gun shooting range when I lived in Florida. It was scary at first, shooting a gun for the first time. But after I took a few shots, I LOVED it! I shot with two different pistols.

    What FUN that was!

    Thanks for sharing your day, girl. You and your friends always look as though your having a such great time together!

    Have a grrrrrrreat week!


  2. Heya, Ron!

    Isn't it sad that I can't get the man to stay still? I would have thought he would have been more co-operative in my firearms practice. Who knew?

    I fell in love with shooting years ago. There is a satisfaction of hitting a tiny target with a tiny bullet from far away. Plus I love having bragging rights at the end of the day!

    Hope your week is awesome!