Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cash Mob Danville!!!

Last night, I participated in the first ever Cash Mob Danville, Virginia!

Cash Mobs are similar to Flash Mobs. A group of people will target a secret, locally owned, business and meet at a given time. All of the participants go into the business and buy something. This gives the store owners needed support and stimulates the local economy.

Cash Mobs are somewhat new in concept. The first one was organized in Cleveland, Ohio on November 16, 2011. Since then they have taken off and Cash Mobs are being organized all over the United States.

I received a Facebook invitation from my friend Deb, loved the idea, and immediately clicked "going". I waited, and on Thursday night, the secret location was announced. The Gourmet Frog in Downtown Danville.

There was a pretty decent turn out for the first Danville Cash Mob. I took several pictures.

The Gourmet Frog offers a multitude of hard to find culinary treats. They offer a huge selection of specialty beers and wines, herbs, spices, and teas. They have wonderful whimsical kitchen accessories (I loved the knife blocks pictured above). They also carry jewelry, accessories, and bags from local artists.

I found the one thing that I had been looking for and didn't think I could find offline. Among a few other items, I picked up a jar of Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup!!! The flowers are a sweet treat in a glass of champagne. They are an amazing topping on cheesecake. There are several other uses for them. Now I know where to find my little indulgence!

If you are in or around the Danville area, stop in The Gorumet Frog! They are located at 312 Main Street. Tell them MYFWBS sent you!

I encourage anyone in the Danville area to join us for the next Cash Mob, which will be held on March 24th at 7:00. Search Cash Mob Danville under events on Facebook, or click this LINK. This will take you to their event page. Once you join, you will be messaged which business will be the target the night before the mob.

Thank you, Audrey Knight, for organizing this wonderful event! I have invited several of my friends to the next one and look forward to participating again!


  1. Had so much fun. BTW if you carmelize the hibiscus flowers they end up like a cruchy sweet candy treat ! Nummy all by themselves.
    Thanks for coming. See you the 24th!

  2. "All of the participants go into the business and buy something. This gives the store owners needed support and stimulates the local economy."

    What a COOL idea! Both fun and extremely supportive!

    And I'm lovin' the inside of this store. Those steak knife holders are BRILLIANT! As well as the "Men are like fine wine!!!!"

    Thanks for sharing, girl! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  3. Hi Anonymous... (I believe this is Audrey?)

    I had a great time. Thanks for the caramelizing tip on the hibiscus flowers. I will try it!

    Will definitely see you on the 24th!

    Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Hey, Ron!

    I totally fell in love with the knife blocks too. I wanted both of them... but they don't fit in with my Tuscan style kitchen. They are cute to look at though.

    The "Men are like fine wine" apron was the coolest! Sage went with me and found it. He was either going to buy that one or another. The one he got was "I drink no wine before it's time. It's time".

    Hope your weekend is going beautifully!