Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kitchen Organization & Cinnamon Cyann Brownies

Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy February to everyone!

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks and for that, I apologize. I have been soooo busy that I haven't had time for much of anything.

After Christmas, I started the task of getting everything packed up and put away. That was done fairly quickly. What happened after that has been a full time job for the last two weeks.

I decided to re-organize my kitchen.

YIKES! What a job! But with lots of help from Martha Stewart and my bestie Sage, it is going slowly but swimmingly.

Here is a pic of my kitchen table at the moment.

No, I'm not one of those people from the show "Hoarders". My kitchen table is usually clear except for a centerpiece, a tablecloth, a runner, and maybe some place mats. This is the result of emptying my laundry closet, which is also in my kitchen. This is the fourth load that this poor table has held over the past two weeks.

I completely emptied every cabinet, upper and lower, as well as every drawer in the kitchen in my re-organization efforts. I'm proud of the results so far. I'll give you a sneak peek.

I will be so happy when I get all this finished and am able to kick back and enjoy. Which has to be THIS WEEK.

Stump and I are having friends over for the Superbowl on Sunday. That table WILL be cleared off by then. It has to be. I have a ton of things that I need to cook in there and the kitchen table and counters are a  necessity.

I have several dishes planned for the Superbowl. I'm not going to give away the total menu, because my guests do read my blog, but I want to share this one recipe with you guys. These brownies kick ass!

I don't remember what show that I saw this on, but I do know that it was on the Food Network. If any of you know whose idea this was, please let me know so that I can give proper credit.

Cinnamon Cyan Brownies

Use 1 Box Fudge Brownie Mix

This is what makes it so good... 
Add in 1 Tablespoon Ground Cinnamon
and 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cyan Pepper
Mix those up really well with a whisk.
Then, prepare the rest of the brownie mix as the package says.

 Spray a 9x13 baking dish with nonstick spray and line the pan with parchment paper with the ends folded over the edge. This is wonderful to get the brownies out of the pan in one piece!

Bake according to package directions. Mine took 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Lift out of the pan, and allow to cool. 

 (How easy is this?!?)

Really. Allow this to cool. 
I know you won't want to, but do it anyway.
Let the brownies COOL. 
Even a bit warm will be a disaster on the frosting. 

Frost with chocolate frosting, and sprinkle with a little more cinnamon.

Here are the finished brownies:
 Oh, damn. They killed them all off before I could frame the shot. Oh well.

You're welcome :)


  1. Way to go, girl!

    You did an AWESOME job organizing those cabinets! And that's exactly what I also did in January, while I had off. I had so much crap everywhere from the insanity of December, I couldn't even move in my studio apartment.

    And hey, looking at that fourth photo down (with the white rack thingie) gave me a great idea for storing my wine. Because I have such limited space in my apartment, that rack would give me additional space. So thank you!

    That brownie recipe and photos are to DIE FOR! I love me some brownies!

    So glad to see that you posted today. You've been greatly missed, girl!

    Happy Wednesday to ya!


  2. Hey Ron!

    Thank you. Isn't organizing a job?!? It is well worth the time in the space you discover though.

    The liquor cabinet lifters were born out of necessity. Whoever built the cabinets in my house made the shelves one inch too short for a liquor bottle or a box of cerial. It was making me crazy. That was my solution. I have a wine rack beside my fridge that I used for liquor but that took up my wine storage. Glad you can use the idea!

    It was so nice to get a post up today and I hope that I can get back on a regular schedule soon. It's good to be missed!

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I cleaned up my best friends kitchen and all I got were these cinnamon brownies. :)

  4. OMG Sage you crack me up. It wouldn't be half as funny if you weren't allergic to cinnamon!

    Love ya!

  5. Wasn't gonna put that. We wouldn't want your followers thinkin' your trying to off me. *cough* *wink* *wave* *point*

  6. Fantastic job

    Glad you have almost completed your task. Missed you since christmas. I will atest that the last time i saw a picture of of your table it was dressed out beautifully.Your organizing looks fantastic. Also thanks for the brownie recipe. Have a great Superbowl party.

  7. Hello, Anonymous!

    Thank you. I appreciate having someone vouch for me that my table doesn't always look like Sanford & Son's house.

    I have really missed blogging. I am hoping that I can get back on a regular schedule soon.

    I hope you enjoy those brownies. I have been somewhat tempted to up the amount of cyann and cinnamon in them. I may end up doing it!

    Thanks for popping over and commenting! Have a wonderful day!