Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Odd People

I have always been an outgoing person. I love meeting friends for drinks and bar food and have endless conversations. I don't hesitate to ask new people at work or other places to join my friends and me for a beer.

Most times, the people I invite accept my invitation and we always have the best time.

Sometimes, however, I am thrown for a loop. "Thanks, but I never go out. I can drink at home".

I have never quite understood people that turn down a great time out in favor of sitting at home with their drink of choice. Those people were "odd" to me. Why would ANYONE want to stay home??? I was baffled.

Lately, as I am sure you have noticed from my posts, I haven't been going to my usual watering holes with friends. Yes, sometimes I still go out for a quick dinner and a couple of drinks, but I used to meet friends for drinks after work almost daily. I haven't done this in quite some time. Instead, I have been staying in.

I haven't been alone. I always have between one and four people at home with me, so don't think I have hermited myself. I have been enjoying quiet evenings with DVDs and company.

On Friday after work, Stump asked me if I wanted to for my birthday weekend. "I don't know", I answered, "there is really nothing to do around here but go to bars. I can drink at home".


I think I am becoming one of those "odd" people.


  1. Dang, man i'm not awake yet, i read it "Old" people! HAHAHA! I may not be able to see, but at least i'm not as old as you! HAHAHA!! Love ya sis!

  2. Hey Sis!

    I could probably write basically the same post with "Old People" as title and topic. I suppose getting old is better than the alternative though.

    Love You!

  3. LOVED your last line!


    "I think I am becoming one of those "odd" people."

    HA! Me too!

    It's funny because I can be a VERY social person at times, yet other times I enjoy staying home at night with a nice glass of red wine; watching a movie. Especially during the winters months.

    For me, drinking is most enjoyable with other people because I get VERY chatty, so I love the conversations.

    And I can always tell from the photos you share of you and your friends, that when you're out socializing with them, you have the BEST time!

    One of these days, if you and Stump come to Philly, I've got a great place to take you to. The food and drinks are faaaaaaabulous!

    Have a great Wednesday, girl!


  4. Oh!! Happy Birthday!!! Even if belated it is still sincere and real. Hope you had a good one.

  5. Hey Ron!

    If you and I are both "odd people", I think we are in the best of company!

    I am one of those who get very chatty too. Once I talked so much that Stump left me with a psychologist friend of ours because he was tired of hearing me babble. I talked her ear off too.

    I have talked Stump into a trip to Philly! We just have to figure out when we can come up. It will definitely be this year though, so I'm planning on taking you up on the offer!

    Happy Wednesday to you too!


  6. Hi, Anonymous!

    Thanks for the birthday wish. You aren't late. As a matter of fact, it is still a couple of weeks away. February 6.

    Have a great week!

  7. Hey girl, Happy Belated Birthday!

    I don't find anyone odd for not going to bar with you or me. People chose to stay home and have a "drink" to save $$ or perhaps out of fear of DUI