Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Vacation - Part 3

I had hosted Christmas Eve dinner, and now it was mom's turn to have dinner at her house for Christmas Day. Stump and I loaded up gifts for my aunt and uncle and headed into town.

We pulled up next to the curb in front of her house. I was gathering the gifts to take inside when Stump laughed, "LOOK"! He gestured toward the outside of mom's house.

I looked out of the driver's side window toward her front yard which was filled with Christmas decorations, including animatronic deer.

I could barely contain myself when I recognized the half naked man riding one of the deer!

(Inflatable Husband is a bit of a party animal, no?)

"And you were worried about mom getting offended?" I laughed to Stump. "She has the thing in her front yard where neighbor and stranger alike can see it! I told you she has a great sense of humor!"

When we got inside, we were still laughing at the welcoming committee on the front lawn. Mom proudly said, "You should have seen the man that was walking down the street a few minutes ago. He couldn't stop staring". She was cracking herself up at this point.

We had a wonderful, yet non-traditional dinner consisting of a whole ribeye cooked in the rotisserie, baked potatoes, salad, and several homemade desserts. 

(I can almost taste this even now)

Inflatable Husband didn't get to enjoy the meal with us... If I didn't know any better, I would swear that Dad had made him stay outside. He didn't seem to mind.

Next time on the blog: Myrtle Beach for New Year's Weekend!


  1. "I could barely contain myself when I recognized the half naked man riding one of the deer!"

    *rolling on the floor*

    Bwhahhahahahahhaha! OMG, your mother has the most faaaaaaabulous sense of humor!!!!

    What wonderful family and friends you have, girl!

    Even without ever having met them, I can tell they're the COOLEST!

    Thanks for sharing Part 3! Enjoyed it!


    P.S. and hey, that rotisserie ribeye looked super delicious!

  2. Ron, you would ADORE mom. She would have you in stitches.

    I have no doubt she would think as much of you as I do.

    I can only imagine how histeical an evening with the two of you would be.


  3. We've had some weird decor around the neighborhood over the years, but an Inflatible Husband has not been sighted! Hilarious!

  4. Sounds like a very exciting non traditional xmas! Cant wait to hear about you New Years in Myrtle Beach!

  5. Hi, Bijoux!

    You can expect pretty much anything when my mom is around. She is a pure nut (in a good way).

    Thanks for stopping in! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi, cestlavie!

    We had a wonderful non traditional Christmas! Sorry I am so late getting up the New Year's post.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!