Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Vacation - Part 2

When I left you guys last, my family and a few friends were having dinner on Christmas Eve. It had come time to open the presents. I posted a couple of weeks ago about a can of strawberries that kept getting passed between my mother and my husband. If you haven't read that post, please do so HERE.

My mom and my husband have become rather creative on how they camouflage that can over the years. This year my husband had the can.

"Do you think she will get offended?" Stump asked me last month when he told me what he had planned. "I'm not sure if I should do it or not... but it would be SO funny", he continued.

I assured him that mom had a great sense of humor (which he should have known after 18 years of marriage).

We headed off to Spencer's at the mall and Stump's plan would unfold on Christmas Eve. Behold the packaging which held my mother's can of strawberries:

(Inflatable Husband)

Mom wasted no time at all opening the package and tossed the can of strawberries to the side after a brief look at the dates on the can. There was more important business at hand.

 (Mom blowing her new husband while sitting next to her "old" one)

(Doesn't she look content?)

(Mom was only away for a minute before Sage tried to steal him away)

All of our guests got a good laugh and embraced the opportunity to make naughty comments. Mom did, in fact, take her new "boy toy" home with her. Sage had to watch as he slipped away into the night with my mother. Stump, rather proud of himself, was happy that mom liked her gift. 

Tune in next time for Christmas Vacation - Part 3

Yes, it can get even better!


  1. Bwhahahahahahhahahahaha!

    OMG...I'm laughing so hard at this post, I just spewed my morning coffee!!!!

    How HILARIOUS!!!

    And I LOVE the photo of your mom INFLATING him!


    " Mom did, in fact, take her new "boy toy" home with her. Sage had to watch as he slipped away into the night with my mother."


    Thanks for the wonderful laughs this morning, girl!

    GRRRRREAT post!


  2. Hey Ron!

    I hope spewing your coffee didn't damage your keyboard! Would hate to think you couldn't post!

    We had the best time with this thing. You would have TOTALLY loved being there!

    Oh the comments that were made that night!

    Hope your week is going well!!!