Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Vacation - Part 1

I have been on vacation since December 23 and have been "guilty" of scheduling posts throughout my absence. I haven't posted any real time photos for almost two weeks now, so I thought I would share some of my activities.

December 23 began with cleaning the house and preparing for guests on Christmas Eve for dinner. It also involved cooking the ham (which I totally over-cooked). Just remember when you bake a spiral ham, you should use an actual timer rather than using the number of alcoholic beverages consumed as a time line.

On Christmas Eve, Stump got to work. This is Stump's one and only job on Christmas Eve. He is to man the turkey fryer. You can see that he takes his job seriously. He refuses to move from his post for even a beer (those are yelled for from the yard into the house).

I love his Scrooge hat! It is black with white trim and reads "Bah, Humbug".

Meanwhile, in between running out bottled beer to my husband, my job inside is to prepare the remainder of the meal. We would be having several guests and I have to make sure there is enough food for seconds, thirds, and even fourths... with plenty of leftovers for everyone to take home.

On the Guest List:
 Dad, Mom, Sister Adrienne, and nephew Layne

 Stump's Sister and brother in law, Bonnie and Jay
 Bonnie and Jay's sons Jacob and Matt (do young folks ever put down their phones?)
 Layne with one and a half of Melody's three children.
 The third of Melody's three... I could never get a clear shot of him.
 Bestie, Sage
 Friend, Armondo
 Friend, Steve
 Friend, Melody (who belongs to the three above children)
 Stump and my sister, Adrienne
Son Brandon and his girlfriend Susannah

I set dinner up buffet-style. We have too many guests to seat everyone around a proper table. 

This warmer is indispensable! No better way to keep stuffing, potatoes, and Madd Hatter Wieners nice and hot!

After dinner we exchange gifts. Mom received something very risque... but that will be on Christmas Vacation Part 2.

Y'all stay tuned!


  1. OMG, I had no idea that you were on vacation and posting via auto-post. I have to try that one time, because I know Blogger has that feature.

    " Just remember when you bake a spiral ham, you should use an actual timer rather than using the number of alcoholic beverages consumed as a time line."

    Bwhahahahhhahahahaha! CRACKED. ME. UP.!!!!

    AWESOME photos!!!!! Your family and friends look like such FUN people to be around.

    Hey, your dinner table looked AMAZING! What a great presentation!

    " Bonnie and Jay's sons Jacob and Matt (do young folks ever put down their phones?)"

    AMEN! I live in an apartment building with a lot of college students, so every time I see them in the elevator they are ALWAYS on their phones.

    But not only the young folks, I see everyone doing that.

    And yet, can you believe I DO NOT own a cell phone?!?

    GREAT post, girl! Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas vacay with us. Looking forward to Part 2!

    Have a SUPA' week!


  2. Hey Ron!

    Mission accomplished! If you couldn't tell I was auto posting... I must have done it right! I love that feature of blogger. It can save so much hassle. If I had blogged while I was on vacation I think I would have been all the more stressed out.

    The spiral ham incident went something like this...

    *While prepping veggies and cheese...

    me: "Ohmygod I forgot the HAM!"

    Sage: "How long did you put it in for?"

    me: "Four beers."

    I'm glad to share the pics, and do wish you could have joined us! You would have really loved it. Christmas Eve dinner at my house is a HUGE production!

    Happy Monday!


  3. The buffet looks fabulous!!! One thing I hate though, when hubby does the grilling, he tends to get credit for the meal, when all he did was cook the meat.

    (stopping over from Vent)

  4. Hi Bijoux!

    I can't believe you said that! My hubs totally takes all the credit too! Everyone ooohs and ahhs over his fried turkey (which btw I cleaned, injected, rubbed, and took outside and back in)! He literally stands there over the pot!

    Gotta love it!

    Thanks for popping in again!

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