Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

 The day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday to the rest of the world, is my day to decorate for Christmas. It is mandatory that my tree go up on the day after Thanksgiving. It is also mandatory for it to come down on the day after New Year's Day.

I usually decorate myself because Stump is normally working that evening and my son has either been too young to "really" help or to old to want to stay home with mom to decorate. I was in great luck this year. My son Brandon, his girlfriend Susannah, and my friend Sage all pitched in to trim the tree.

I hated to post these "before" pictures because of the disarray of my home until I realized that my living room wasn't really a mess, but a work in progress. What I considered a mess was no more than boxes of Christmas decorations brought up from the basement and set on the living room floor. I thought I'd run with it.

We lugged up the tree and the boxes of decorations. I snapped a pic after we had pulled out the Santas and Angel decorations. We laid those out on the coffee table among the wine glasses from which we sipped cold Riesling, some Christmas CDs I had pulled out for background music, and my normal coffee table books and remote controls. The throw that I usually snuggle up under on my couch to watch movies was cast aside onto the love seat.

We managed to get the tree put together and lit. Typing that was much easier than the actual task. We had major issues figuring out what plug went where and I joked that my son, the Engineering student, was solely responsible to make sure that Christmas actually happened. Without him, we would never have gotten the tree lit.

This was Susannah's first time decorating a Christmas tree. She was so excited and eager to help. Her family doesn't celebrate, so I was privileged to give her the experience. She enjoyed Christmas music and hot chocolate along with another special "treat". I will tell about that later...

As Brandon dug through the boxes looking for decorations, he came across a Santa hat with a fake beard and mustache attached. Of course he had to try it on and Sage was there to encourage him.

Brandon really resembled old Saint Nick with the glasses. I think he needs to find someone else to trim his beard. Whoever trimmed this one must work in a topiary factory.

My little elves worked so quickly and with such enthusiasm. The tree was coming together so quickly. Brandon took time to put the Santa hat on top of the tree just to see how it looked.  Needless to say it didn't stay very long.

My tree's decorations consist of Santas, Angels, and for my husband, various Harley Davidson ornaments that he has collected over the years. The ornaments have been collected over the fifteen years that Stump and I have been together. Sage took great care in handling and placing our ornaments.

I don't think Susannah stopped smiling the whole time she was decorating the tree. She and I sang along to every Christmas carol that played. I'm not sure if it was because of the warm feeling in the air, the warm hot chocolate to come, or the cold wine that we already had to drink.

Brandon worked hard on the tree but did play around quite a bit. I have gold ball ornaments that I had tied in groups of three to go on the tree. Apparently one of the clusters had lost one of its ornaments. Brandon took the two ornaments that remained from the cluster and attached them to the ceiling fan's pull cord.

I got so tickled at what it looked like I had to snap a picture. I want you all to understand that this is the direction that my son's sense of humor travels. I suppose he got it honest.

Brandon wasn't the only one clowning around. Sage decided that the bows that go on the tree would make a festive bow tie. He usually has a great sense of style, but the tee shirt and the chain necklace just weren't working with the tie.

Susannah's other treat that I mentioned earlier came in the form of the most honored tradition. She got to place the angel on top of the tree. Our Tree is 7' tall so she needed a little assistance. Brandon boosted her up on his shoulders so that she could reach the top limb.

We cleared up all of the empty boxes and put them back in the basement. A quick sweep of the floor got up all of the fallen needles from the tree. I unloaded a few more boxes of decorations and decorated the remainder of the living room. I am very pleased how the room turned out.

 Doesn't the coffee table look so much better with the decorations off of it and on the tree?

 My sofa table gets decorated as well. 

Merry Christmas to all!

I promised to announce the winner of the $25 gift card on December the 2nd. I never go back on a promise. At least not if I can help it. So with that said...

There were 42 entries on the giveaway.
I entered each person onto an Excel page in the order that they commented.
The number to the left of the person's name was their assigned number.
I went to to enter a number between 1 and 42.

And the winner is....

#27, Arianne Cruz, who simply said, "here's my next comment :)
How was ur day? It's uber cold!"

My day was pretty good, Arianne. It's uber cold here too! Congratulations, girl, and thanks for reading!

I wish I could give each of you who entered a card too. Don't think you won't get another chance though. I LOVE doing these giveaways, so keep an eye open!


  1. Okay, first I have to say, BRAVA on your STUNNING Christmas tree!

    I clicked on the photo to see it big. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    In fact, all your decorations are fab-u-lous!

    And I DIED laughing at the photo of the two gold Christmas tree balls!

    "I got so tickled at what it looked like I had to snap a picture."


    And yeah, that's exactly what they look like!!!

    " It is mandatory that my tree go up on the day after Thanksgiving. It is also mandatory for it to come down on the day after New Year's Day."

    Yup, that's how it was in my family too.

    Great post, girl!

    TOTALLY put me in the holiday spirit!


  2. Hi, Ron!

    Thank you. You are the sweetest person!

    And the gold balls... I honestly thought about you when I wrote that. I thought you would get a charge out of it!

    Hope your week has been divine!


  3. Sorry, sis. I still love you anyway:)