Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Greatest Christmas Ever

I want to take the opportunity today to tell you all about my most joyous and memorable Christmas that I ever had. I didn’t have to think about this. I didn’t have to weigh the good ones against the better ones. This Christmas was, is, and always will be the best I ever had.

On Christmas Eve, 1989, my ex-husband, Chris, and I were doing our every day Christmas running. I knew early that morning that something wonderful was going to happen. We picked up some last minute Christmas gifts, visited a few friends, and proceeded to his aunt’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange.

We had eaten and were unwrapping gifts when I told Chris that we REALLY needed to get home right away. We had a visitor coming.

His parents left the same time as we did, and we stopped by their house to tell them that tonight was the night. They could barely contain their excitement.

After leaving their house, we stopped by my parents place to tell them the news of our expected guest. They were thrilled as well.

Chris and I went home and got all of our packages together. We loaded up the car and made our way to the hospital.

At around 1:20 AM on Christmas morning, my most precious Christmas gift of my life was given to me.

He was 7lbs, 5oz

I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my son, Brandon.

I love you



  1. AWWW! Merry Birthday to my nephew!! I love u Brandon!!!

  2. OMG...I bet that WAS the most PRECIOUS Christmas present EVER!!!

    Happy Birthday, Brandon!!!

    GREAT post, girl!

    Hope you had a faaaaaaabulous Christmas day!