Monday, December 5, 2011

My Article in Print!

On November 18, I blogged about a rare opportunity to write an article for Full Throttle Magazine. You can read that HERE if you haven't already. The December issue of Full Throttle Magazine is now hot off the press and available from many bike shops and bars. I was fortunate enough to be in the city when Rick from Saunder's Cycle in Danville, Virginia, called me to tell me the news. Jeff Rash from Full Throttle magazine was at his shop dropping off the magazine. He would send his girlfriend Donna to meet me at the Highlander to deliver several copies.

As luck would have it Armondo, who won the 2011 Harley Davidson Sportster at the Toy Run, was in the bar as well. Armondo was mentioned in my article. He would get to see his name in print at the same time.

My Article in Print! Almost an entire page!!!

We turned to page 45 and there was the article. Complete with my name as the author! My article was actually in print! I had Armando hold the magazine while I took his picture. 

Armando holding a copy of Full Throttle Magazine

I was in for a surprise though. Jeff Rash from Full Throttle Magazine, who called me that day to ask about my writing an article, was on his way to the bar! He had several magazines with him that he generously gave me as well as several Full Throttle VIP cards good for discounts at some of their advertiser's businesses.

 Me with Jeff Rash from Full Throttle Magazine

My friend Boots was there and snapped this picture of me with Jeff before he scurried away.

Jeff, I want to thank you one more time for giving me this opportunity. You have no idea how excited this made me!


  1. "We turned to page 45 and there was the article. Complete with my name as the author! My article was actually in print!"


    You're officially PUBLISHED, girl!!!

    I am sooooooooooooooooo happy and excited for you!!!!!!!!

    I will try to fnd that magazine in Barnes and Noble sometime soon, so I can read your article. Can't wait!

    And how utterly cool that you got to meet and take a photograph with Jeff!

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay COOL!

    A BIG congrats to you, dear friend!

    I'm so proud of you!

    Have a grrrrreat week!


  2. Hi, Ron!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments. You know how to keep me charged up! I suppose I have had my fifteen minutes of fame now. I'm glad you were around to see it!


  3. Hello, Coastalpines!

    Thank you so much!