Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MR Ducks

Sage and I were in Greensboro, North Carolina doing a little Christmas shopping when we ran across a flock of geese in a parking lot. As they came into view, Sage said with a giggle, "M R Ducks".
I replied, "M R not ducks. M R geese". I don't know if any of you have heard M R Ducks before, but you will at the end of this post. I apologize ahead of time :)

 These little guys were just chillaxing in the parking lot without a care in the world.

 I pulled the car around to get close to the feathery flock.

 I happened to have a loaf of sourdough bread in my car. It was stale because it was left in the back seat and I had forgotten to take it in the house a couple of days before. Don't judge me. I have a busy life.

 I got out of the comfort and safety of my car and began to feed the geese. It didn't take long before they were nipping and biting at each other. I began to wonder if I would be attacked as well.

 Sage manned the camera as I fed the little guys. As the loaf got smaller and smaller, I moved closer to the car to make a fast getaway.

They feasted but left me alone as I got into my car. I'm glad the bread wasn't a complete waste.



Were you able to read it?
Yeah. Corny, I know. But I DID apologize early on.


  1. Yes, I was able to read it....HILARIOUS!!!!

    This post reminded me of a time when I lived in Florida, close to a lake, where it was FILLED with geese. They were the most aggressive things I've ever witnessed. They would actually run into the street and try to ATTACK and BITE my car while I was driving by - I KID YOU NOT!

    Have a FAB Tuesday, girl!

    Great photos!


  2. OMG Ron, I had no idea how aggressive geese were until I saw how they were biting and nudging each other. I was really getting concerned that I wouldn't make it back to my car without being attacked! Chalk one up for learning!

    Happy Tuesday to you!