Thursday, December 8, 2011

Embrace the Beverage

Most evenings, I am at home alone while Stump is either at work or out with the guys. I have become a homebody and honestly rather enjoy it. Once I come in from work and dinner is out of the way, Stump leaves the homestead, and I get settled into my pyjamas, the rest of the night is mine to relax.

My secret indulgence during this down time is something to drink. While most people wouldn’t think of a potation as a luxury, I embrace the beverage.

My beverage preferences change with the season. In spring I will likely be found on the back deck or sitting on the carport with a glass of chilled white wine. Chateau Morrissette’s Our Dog Blue is my favorite. The spring wine festivals in the area offer many wines from many different local wineries. No matter which wine festival I attend or how many wineries I visit, I always end up with several bottles from Chateau Morrissette.

During the summer, my choice moves to a fruity or citric flavor. A margarita in hand puts my mind at the beach Jimmy Buffet style. A strawberry screwdriver (made with strawberry vodka and orange juice with a little splash of grenadine) is always good to cool you down. I also love a good rum and Coke to unwind after a long day at work.

When fall rolls around, it is time for a hot, season appropriate drink. Think apple harvest, Halloween, and spicy pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving. I will put a pot of apple cider on the stove to heat and pour it into my coffee pot for my coffee maker to keep warm while I indulge in a movie or two on those chilly evenings. Apple cider in my house isn’t complete without a stick of cinnamon.

The day after Thanksgiving, my Christmas decorations go up; on this night, the choice of liquid refreshment changes. While putting up the tree and hanging the ornaments, a glass of Chateau Morrissette’s Christmas wine is on hand. This wine, I swear to you, tastes of snow and tinsel. Don’t ask me what tinsel flavor is… just trust me it tastes of snow and tinsel. Once the Tree is up, one of the Christmas classics are popped into the DVD player. While watching an animated classic, I enjoy hot chocolate complete with marshmallows.

As the winter days go on, I will continue to drink hot chocolate, though sometimes I spike it with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Crème. For something cold, a White Russian is my choice; the thick, creamy texture and chocolate-coffee taste is winter heaven. Some nights, however, all I want is a huge cup of coffee. Black, please.

Each of these wonderful drinks is carefully made with attention to detail. My glasses and mugs are chosen for what will go into them. I embrace the beverage. I celebrate the simplicity. I enjoy it as a luxury.

I can’t wait to get home this evening and curl up on the couch with something wonderful.


  1. GREAT post!

    And I love how you said...."While most people wouldn’t think of a potation as a luxury, I embrace the beverage."

    Love that word...potation!

    "My beverage preferences change with the season"

    Me too! Summer, I enjoy anything cool and thirst quenching (like cold fruit juices). Fall and winter, I enjoy a nice glass of red wine in the evenings to warm me up. I also enjoy hot apple cider and hot chocolate!

    I think it's so wonderful that you take the time at night to relax by yourself and enjoy your potations!

    Hope you had a FAB day, girl!


  2. Hi, Ron!

    Isn't the word "potation" the best? It's amazing the new things you learn when you pull out a thesaurus to keep from over-using the word "beverage".

    I do love my "me" time. I need to defragment at the end of the day... just like a computer.

    Hope your day is going well!