Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scorpions M/C 26th Annual Toy Run, Bike Show, and Blood Drive

On Saturday my husband Stump's club hosted their 26th annual Toy Run, Bike Show, and Blood Drive. This event is prepared for all year long, and is one of  Danville's most popular events in the biker community. The purpose of the Toy Run is to provide toys for underprivileged children in the Danville area. All proceeds benefit the Salvation Army's Toys for Tots. A $10 admission fee gets you in the gate.

Once in the gates, there are several vendors. This Toy Run boasted Kickin' Kenny's paint designs. Kickin' Kenny is one of the best when it comes to customizing your bike's paint scheme. He painted Stump's old bike years ago. 

 Kickin' Kenny's stand shows some of his bike art. - Sister, Adrienne, in front

Mr. Bullhide (Brian Beardslee), out of Sheriils Ford, NC, had leather jackets, helmet stickers, vests, leather bags, pins, and other biker accessories.
 Mr. Bullhide's tables were set up with leather wares and other necessities

Of course, there has to be jewelry around! I bought a necklace and a bracelet from this jewelry vendor. Bear bought a gorgeous ring. I'm kicking myself right now that I failed to get his business card. If any of you guys know who he was, please comment here or on my facebook page so that I can give him proper credit for setting up!

***UPDATE*** A big thanks to Mark Infield, Owner/Editor of In The Wind Magazine,  for giving me the name of the jewelry vendor!

Keith Wrenn of Wrenn Sterling

 Wrenn Silver -(Beautiful stainless steel jewelry - never tarnishes)

 Rebel, from the Rebel Connection had T-shirts, bandannas, patches, blankets, and many other treasures was set up there as well. He came along with an embroidery machine for custom work! I wish I had known that the embroidery service was going to be available. I have several things I want monogrammed!

 The Rebel Connection's wares were varied from T-shirts to toys

Blue Moon Tattoo and body piercing was on hand as well. They do gorgeous work if you are in the market for a little ink. You can find them on Facebook HERE


 Tattoo artist are at the ready 

The tattoo artist came in handy for my sister, Adrienne, to have her son's name put on.

 Adrienne shows off her new tattoo

Another feature of the event is the Blood Drive. The Danville Blood Mobile is always on site taking donations. There are many who "give the gift of life" at the Toy Run.

 Give the gift of life... blood

Bikers and biker friendly people came out in droves to help raise money for the kids. Here are a few highlights that I photographed while I was there.


 Son, Brandon and his girlfriend, Susannah

 Sandy's hubby, Billy

 Doug, Josh, and husband, Stump

 Bear and me

 A shot of the crowd

Becka and friend from middle school, Scott

 Friend from High School, Dougie
 Two Scorpions MC, Illinois members, Halfpint and Kenny with husband, Stump

 Stump with bass player of Southern Storm, Amanda

 Boots fills out a raffle ticket for the Harley Davidson Sportster to be given away

 Outside, a truck is ready to receive toy donations from attendees

 Scorpions M/C back patch

 Slow songs are the most popular, bringing out the couples to slow dance

 a 50/50 drawing is held several times during the day. Half of the money goes to the Toy Run, the other half goes to the lucky winner!

The bike show is one of the more popular events. It is free and all one has to do is to pull their bike in and  register. Votes are by donation. Each bike is assigned a chicken bucket and the bike with the most monetary votes at the end wins the bike show. Votes are made by the people attending the show. 

 Long time friend, Steve wins 1st place in the Bike Show

 Melody on the phone and Josh
Steve, Stump, and Pee Wee

 Stump and me

 Bear and Boots

Boots and Hawker

 Stump's brother in law, Jay


 Stitch and Radar, from another club, USMVMC,  me, and Stump

 The last band of the evening, Mad House, jamming

 Boots, Bear, and me

 Boots with friend, Deb

Emily, Stump, and Lisa

This year is the second year that the Scorpions, Danville, VA chapter, have given away a brand new Harley Davidson Sportster. Raffle tickets have been sold all year at $20 each. Phil is ready to announce the winner.

Phil on stage, ready to announce the winner of the Harley Davidson

Scorpion Rick makes sure the tickets are mixed up really well

And this year's winner is....


Congratulations, Armondo, on your new Harley Davidson! Keep the greasy side down!

A huge thank you on behalf of the Scorpions M/C, the Salvation Army, and all the children in the Danville area that you all helped out on this year's Toy Run!!!


  1. "The purpose of the Toy Run is to provide toys for underprivileged children in the Danville area. All proceeds benefit the Salvation Army's Toys for Tots."

    Oh, how wonderful!!!!

    In fact, all three of these events sound awesome. And kudos to all those who are involved; helping to raise money for this cause!

    Great photos too! Love your sister's tattoo!

    Hope you're having a faaaaaaaaaaaabulous week, girl!


  2. Good morning, Ron!

    I only wish people could understand how many thousands of dollars that the Scorpions donate to the Salvation Army every year from this one event alone!

    People have in their heads that bikers are bad people; that all they do is fight and traffic drugs. This simply is not the case. I wish folks would learn that television shows like Sons of Anarchy are fantasy and fiction.

    Glad you stopped by again!


  3. As always, I enjoyed the pictures and the story you wrote here. It is awesome cause for underprivileged children.

    I made copy of picture with Lisa and me and put on Facebook.

    Good seeing you last Sat.


  4. Great pics!!! Love had a great time. Looking coward to next year.. love you guys!!!

  5. That would be looking foward to next year:... Coward ? Really...

  6. Hi, Deb!

    So glad I was finally able to include you in a blog!!! Was great seeing you too.

    I have another pic of you with me too. I'll upload those to facebook soon and be sure to tag you.


  7. Hey, Coward... oh.. I mean Harleyva ;)

    Glad that you had fun! It's always good to see you.

    Also glad you finally got a screen name. "Anonymous" is all fine and good, but when I know that I know who it is, but I'm still not sure... it makes it difficult to comment back as personally as I'd like.

    Congratulations on winning the bike show, darlin!

    Love you too!!!


  8. OMG! Thanks so much! Every follower helps a ton! If you have any tips for a new blogger, help a girl out :)



  9. Hello, So simly chic!

    You're absolutely welcome. And yes, every follower does help!

    I'm not sure how qualified I am to give tips for a new blogger. I'm very new myself. The only tip I really know to work is to blog for YOU. Not for anyone else. When you are writing what you are passionate about, the followers will come. Just like I did :)

    Thanks for the follow!


  10. What!? Sons Of Anarchy isn't real?? Promoters are bringing them in to bike events and "bikers" are lining up (and paying) to get autographs and pictures!

  11. Hello, Anonymous.

    I believe what I said was, "People have in their heads that bikers are bad people; that all they do is fight and traffic drugs. This simply is not the case. I wish folks would learn that television shows like Sons of Anarchy are fantasy and fiction.".

    Let's face it, the biker community isn't nearly as bad as the SOA television show portrays. I never said that the actors in the show weren't real people, nor did I say the show wasn't a real show. What I did say was that it was fantasy and fiction.

    The portrayal of biker clubs by SOA has caused the general public to look at clubs in a much worse light than they were already looked at.

    It's a damn shame.

    Thanks for reading!