Friday, November 4, 2011

Missoni for Target Score!

Missoni's line for Target has appeard in the Danville location on the clearance rack!!! I scored fairly well, and will be enjoying these beautiful pieces for a long, long time now.

"Since 1953, the legendary Missoni fashion house has been known worldwide for its eclectic mix-and-match patterns, colors and textures. Now, Missoni brings its iconic Italian lifestyle to you with the exclusive Missoni for Target collection."

These items are sold out at Target online, but not on ebay. These pieces are fetching HUGE prices on ebay.

Missoni Scented Soy Candle
Ebay price: 20.00 - 40.00
I paid: 5.00

Missoni for Target Chevron Puzzle Tray
Ebay price: 45.00 - 94.00
I paid: 13.00

Missoni for Target Stripe Puzzle Tray
Ebay price: 45.00 - 94.00
I paid: 13.00

Missoni for Target Serve Tray Neutrals
Ebay price: 75.00 - 109.00
I paid: 15.00

Our location still had shoes, rain boots, gloves, scarves, coats, bedding, cosmetic cases, and candles. Before you pay the high prices on ebay, check your local Target.

These were found in the Junior's clothing section - so be on the lookout!

*Pictures taken from the Target website


  1. Awesome scores, girl!

    WOW...what great prices you got these at!

    You and I have the same taste in style...."eclectic mix-and-match patterns, colors and textures."

    I LOVE that too!

    I so miss living close to a Target. When I lived in Florida, a dear friend of mine and I would go once a week to check out the deals!

    LOOOOOOVE Target!

    Thanks for sharing. And have a flawless weekend!


  2. Happy Friday, Ron!

    I was tickled to find these pieces so cheap! People are really hunting Missoni for Target... and for good reason IMO. Beautiful creations.

    You miss being near a Target and I am just finding the joys of having one. Danville didn't have a Target until about two years ago. The closest one was an hour away in Greensboro. I'm glad they came here!

    Have a great weekend!!!