Monday, November 14, 2011

Lou's Antique Mall - Hidden Treasures in Danville, Virginia

After work on Thursday, I stopped in at a place that I never even realized was there. My friend, Sage, told me about an antique mall in the downtown Danville area. He had visited there earlier last week and had sent me pictures of some of the things he found inside. I immediately knew that I had to go see things for myself.

I arrived at Lou's Antique Mall around 4:15 PM. It is owned by Robert and Lou Ogden. I walked in and scanned the room, not knowing what I may find there. Immediately, I was overwhelmed. Not only could I not decide which direction to go, but once I headed in a direction, I couldn't decide which way to look. There were so many beautiful things inside. Barely a square inch was left unfilled. I decided to take things slowly and work my way through the store, determined that I wouldn't miss so much as a broach.

An antique tea set is perched on a marble table top

I discovered very quickly that seeing everything this store had to offer would not be accomplished in a short time. I called my husband and told him that I would be late getting home. I anticipated that I would likely be walking around for an hour or so.

A silver jelly spoon and dish beckon me to take them home

As I walked the aisles, I gasped and cooed at the treasures that I wanted to take home. The prices were very reasonable, which would afford me the privilege of picking up "just a couple" pretty things to take home.

I love the color scheme on this old rocking chair

I picked up something from this table... and something else from that table... oh, and I really love this because it's unusual, so I'll pick that up to...

One of the girls who worked there saw me juggling my finds and offered to take them to the register where they would be held until I was ready to check out. I thanked her and continued my "browsing".

This white china is so crisp against the dark wood of this old table

There were so many pretty things catching my eye. I must admit, my friend Sage was spot-on when he said my favorite color must be "ohh, shiney".

The detail in this silver set is amazing

I continued to look, and I continued to pick things up. I do need a little credit here though. I did manage to put most things back down.

This golden chair was beautiful sitting on this antique rug

I continued to walk through, unaware that there were other people in the store looking through things as well. A couple a few feet away spoke to me. I said hello back to them. That is when she asked me, "have you been upstairs or downstairs yet"?

I really wanted to pack up this whole set of dishes and take them home

What??? There are TWO MORE FLOORS? I told her that I didn't even realize that there was one more, let alone two. She told me that I really should go look there as well. About this time, the girl who took my earlier finds to the register appeard again. She told me that the did in fact have two more floors, and that she would be happy to take my more recent finds to the register with my others. I thanked her again.

The "bones" of both of these chairs were breathtaking

I had almost made it around the peremiter of the first floor when I was told there was a second and third that I still needed to explore. I went outside to take a brief break and to call my husband and tell him I would be a bit longer still. He laughed a bit and told me to enjoy myself and to stay as long as I wanted.

Silver and crystal work so well together - don't  you think?

I headed upstairs after my brief conversation with Stump. As I got to the top of the stairs, I did another quick "scan" to see which way to go. This floor wasn't quite as full as the first, but was still more than I had expected to see.

This is about 1/4 of the upstairs area

I moved through the aisles on the upper floor much faster. I had already picked up several goodies and knew that I needed to show a little self control. My gosh it was hard.

This table held shimmering pewter cups. I may have to go back for them...

I did go to the bottom floor, but rushed that more than I rushed the upstairs. I can barely remember anything that was on the bottom floor, but do remember that I wanted everything I saw there too.

Love the hues of pink, coral, white, and brown in this room

I did manage to get out of there before the store closed at 6:00 I had a small box of treasures to show for my treasure hunt. I took them home and enjoyed taking off the newspaper that kept my finds safe in transport. These were going to make a welcome addition to my home. Would you like to see what I bought?

This scoop with a tiny scoop will make a cool sugar bowl

Brass lipstick holder. This will grace my vanity in my dressing room

Sterling silver three piece butter dish

Sterling silver tea strainer

Footed teacup and saucer

Pewter dish

Scottish friendship cup (quaich)

Silver plated platter

I had the most wonderful experience at Lou's Antique Mall and know I will visit many more times. If you are in Danville, VA, please go see them at 231 Main Street! They are open Monday through Saturday from 9-6 and on Sunday from 12-6. Tell them MYFWBS sent you!

I promise you won't be disappointed!

*** UPDATE***

The set of 12 pewter cups that I said I may go back for... I did!

Hey... I just couldn't resist.


  1. " Not only could I not decide which direction to go, but once I headed in a direction, I couldn't decide which way to look. There were so many beautiful things inside."

    OMG...that's exactly how I would have been too! I enjoy looking (and purchasing) things that have been used. I enjoy the 'history' of vintage items.

    GREAT stuff! And I'm amazed to hear that things were priced resonable, because most antique stores are outrageous.

    LOVE the antique tea set. And I too like the set of dishes you were eyeing. They're classically beautiful!

    I really like your purchases, girl! You've got an excellent eye for the 'good stuff.'

    Thanks so much for sharing your day. Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Have a MARVI Monday and week!


  2. Good morning, Ron!

    If you're ever planning to head south and come through Danville, give yourself a few extra hours "break" and give me a shout out! Would LOVE to show you the antique shop. Plus.. it's located next door to Jakes on Main that I blogged about a few months ago. Antiqing and a great lunch/dinner would be awesome, no?

    Have a great week!


  3. Hello! it's me again! and if i ever get a house, i'd like some of this stuff for it! don't forget it's Monday! 11/14/2011/i'm a persistent little cuss.

  4. Tuesday 11/15/2011 Are you there! Hello sister! Great blogging! Hope i win!!