Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fly the Friendly Skies

On Sunday, family came in to town from New Jersey. Bonnie and John were driving down just for a visit. That visit quickly turned into a mini-reunion. 

 Cousin Bonnie at Mom's house

 Bonnie's hubby John at mom's studying the Harbor Freight sales

Another pic of Bonnie

On hearing that cousin Bonnie and her husband John were coming to town, cousin Toni D quickly made arrangements for a get-together at General Aviation at the airport in Danville, VA. Why the airport? Toni's father, Paul Rembold, founded General Aviation in 1948 and was the owner until he passed in 1988. His son Mike Rembold owns and operates the corporation now. Airports mean conference rooms. This was the perfect venue to host a family get-together.

Late Uncle Paul Rembold

Cousins Toni D and Mike - These guys made it all happen!

We arrived at 2:00 at General Aviation in Danville, VA.

Sister, Adrienne, walking to the building

We were here!!!

Cousin Toni D greets us as we arrive
We came in to find wonderful treats, complete with hot apple cider. Toni D did a wonderful job!

I loved this Halloween themed centerpiece!

Cousins Beverly and Melissa
(Beverly had to one-up my broken elbow and broke her ankle - we're so competitive)

Husband Stump with cousin Toni H

Uncle Calvin and Aunt Vilma

Cousins sitting around sharing stories

Me and my baby sister... Meet Adrienne

While all of the festivities were going on, Toni D came into the room and made an announcement to all of us. "Mike was sweet enough to offer this to the entire family... Anyone who wants an airplane ride around the city will be taken up for free! Go get in line!", she said.

The room promptly emptied and the family re-grouped on the tarmac. The first flight of the day was taken by cousin Toni H, sister Adrienne, and me.

Cousin Mike, owner of General Aviation, with Cousin Toni H, Me and sister Adrienne

Toni H puts on her headset

Sister Adrienne strikes a sassy pose

That's me up front, playing co-pilot

Oh dear... not so sure I'm the right person for the job.

We were in the capable hands of Wes, our pilot

My sister's earlier sassy pose was short lived. She actually THREW UP mid flight. I'm so thankful that Toni H found a trash bag inside the plane. Toni later revealed the way she found the bag was she was getting ready to SHOVE Adrienne's head into the storage pouch behind the seat. She discovered a lone trash bag when she pulled it open! WAY TO GO TONI !!!

Yes... she really, truely did.

On the way back to the airport, we circled the plant where I work. This is Swedwood from the air!

My son, Brandon, took his turn in the plane.

Cousin Bonnie with husband John, and my son, Brandon.

Cousin Farley, Toni H, Aunt Vilma, and Stan

Aunt Vilma and  her two boys take flight.

Cousin Calvin had his pilot's license before he could drive a car!

My nephew Layne is ready to fly

My mother takes Layne up for his first ever airplane ride.

He's so excited!

Cousin Chris waiting for his flight

My dad and mom

Cousin Chris finally boards.

I want to thank my cousin, Mike Rembold, for providing us a great time!

Also, a big thank you to Toni D for getting this organized! You did a wonderful job!
Mike runs the aviation school at the airport in Danville, VA and offers a Discover Flying course for $99. If you want to take a lesson or just want to go up on a weekend, give him a shout! Tell him I sent you! You can find his information HERE.


  1. Holy cow...what an AWESOME place to have your reunion!!!!

    I bet you guys had a BLAST!

    I LOVE the Halloween themed centerpiece - how cute is that?

    GREAT photos of you guys inside the plane! And you GO girl for being in the co-pilot seat - you are sooooo brave!!!!

    But I'm sorry say that I would probably be just like your sister Adrienne and THROW UP! OMG...I could NEVER go up in a small plane like that (I'm such a chicken when it comes to flying).

    Thanks for sharing your day, girl! Loved reading about it!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!


  2. Hey, Ron!

    I had the BEST time there and what was so cool is that it was completely unexpected! I have some great family members!

    I'm not sure that I'm all that brave. I grew up flying and I suppose when it is always around you that it becomes the "norm". My parents, sister and I lived in Tacoma Washington and we made trips to and from Virginia every year. There have also been countless vacations since then. It's all in what you get used to.

    Great to see you and happy Tuesday!