Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Danville-Pittsylvania County Fair 2011

I have been away from the blog for a while now, since my mother in law passed. After that, I have broken my elbow and had a problem with my back. Today's post is from the fair that we went to on September 16.
I'm hoping to get everything caught up to real-time fairly soon.

On Saturday night, September 16, Stump and I attended the Danville-Pittsylvania County Fair in Ringgold, Virginia. It was overcast and chilly that night, which I think is perfect fall fair weather.

(View of the fair from the parking lot)

One of the favorite events at the fair is the Demolition Derby, which runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. My nephew, Jacob was driving in the derby that night. Of course we went to cheer him on!

Jacob has a great pit-crew. His father, Jay, and his grandfather (Jay's father), Jerry have been racing dirt-track and asphalt cars for years. They build their race-cars from the ground up and have a very well equipped shop at home.

(Jay, Jerry, Stump, Jacob, and Matthew)

(Jacob's nic-name is spray painted across the door)

(Jacob ready to pull into the Demolition Derby arena)

(Once everyone is inside, heavy equipment secures the entrance)

(Jacob wins Saturday's Derby! Along with this tropy, he also received cash)

After the derby, Stump and I walked around the fairgrounds.We ran into my sister and her boy, Layne. Layne seems to really be having a great time.

(My nephew, Layne, plays a plastic trumpet)

As we walked around, we took a few pictures.

(Husband, Stump, looking mischevious)

(That's me having a good time)

(A shot of the crowd on the midway)

(We HAD to stop for funnel cakes. Those are mandatory)

Our last stop of the evening was for the only ride that Stump and I went on. The ferris wheel is his favorite! We spent $10 on enough tickets for two of us.

(Lights from the ferris wheel beckon us... and our money)

(Me again, enjoying the ride)

(Stump is laid-back)

(A view from the top)

The $10 ride afforded us three entire revolutions on the ferris wheel. Money well spent? I suppose it was. I enjoyed my time with Stump at the fair.


  1. GREAT photos!

    And a BIG congrats to Jacob!!!

    I love attending fairs! And I like name of this one, Pittsylvania - almost like, Pennsylvania!

    AMAZING view from the ferris wheel!

    And I gotta hand it to you, girl....I could never go on that ferris wheel. I'm sooooooo scared of heights - YIKES!

    Thanks for sharing your day!

    Hope your elbow and back are healing well!

    (((( You )))))

    Have a FAB Tuesday!


  2. Hellos, Ron!

    The view from there was much better than I was able to catch on film. And scared of heights? How about jumping from an airplane with me?

    The elbow and back are doing much better, thanks!

    Happy Tuesday!