Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Cozy October Saturday Night

This past Saturday was one of the best I have had in a long time. There were no crazy parties or out of town trips but I wouldn't have traded my Saturday for anything!

I met Bear for dinner at Golden Corral in Danville around 4:30. We had a nice dinner, enjoyed each other's company, and finished things off with dessert and coffee.

I met my friend Sage at Target around 6:00. I had some things I wanted to pick up for a night in.

By 7:30, Sage and I were at my house. I promptly changed into my pajamas and fuzzy socks!

I put a pot on the stove and made hot apple cider.

When the cider was done, Sage popped in the first of three DVDs into the DVD player. This is what we watched:

I spent the evening curled up under a blanket, in my PJs and fuzzy socks, with a cup of hot apple cider.

Pure Bliss.

Do you like nights "in" during the cooler weather?


  1. OMG....what pure bliss your night sounded like!

    Movies and hot apple cider!

    YES! I definitely love "in" nights when the weather gets cooler. That's why I adore fall and winter so much - they make me feel cozy and calm.

    You have the BEST taste in films! I've seen ALL three of these movies and love each one of them. Tim Burton is the BOMB! "Edward Scissorhands" is my favorite film of his. It's so touching. I actually own it and will watch it a few times a year.

    Have a grrrreat Thursday, girl!


  2. Good morning, Ron!

    That night was such bliss that I had a rexeux on Sunday night. This involved coffee and chick flicks though! I have a feeling that movies, hot beverages, and fuzzy socks are going to be more often on my list than not!

    I haven't seen Edward Scissorhands in YEARS! I may just have to pick up a copy for the next night in!

    Happy Thursday!