Sunday, October 30, 2011

Castle McCulloch Halloween Disappointment - All About Profit?

Saturday night, a crew of eight of us went to Castle McCulloch's Beer and Fear in Jamestown, North Carolina. I have blogged about Castle McCulloch before and have given them rave reviews. The party is usually amazing. You can see one of my blogs about Castle McCulloch HERE.

This year, Castle McCulloch hosted their first Halloween Party, "Beer and Fear". There were rumors of them being sold out two weeks before the party according to their Facebook page. The Castle promptly made a statement that they, in fact, were not sold out. My feeling is that they really should have re-thought what "sold out" was.

We started out on a great note! Before going to the Castle, Stump, Bear, Sage, Brandon, Susannah, Josh, Melody, and I went for burgers and beer at Shooters Sports Bar and Billiards in Greensboro, North Carolina, just minutes away from Castle McCulloch. We ordered food and actual PITCHERS of jello shooters!

 (Son's girlfriend, Susannah, my son, Brandon, and Sage)

 (Stump, Melody, Josh, and Bear)

 (Me and Stump)

 (Bear "pours" jello shooter cups from a pitcher)

 (Welcome to Shooters" sign at bar)

 (A Pitcher of Jello shooters waits to be enjoyed by our table)

The pitchers of Jello shooters was a great deal at $12 each! We bought three pitchers!

 (Melody and Josh eating, drinking, and being merry)

 (Sage loving his Jello shot)

 (Stump thought Melody's pigtails resembled handle bars. He even made sound effects)

 (The aftermath)

 (Melody changed into her School Girl Costume)

 (Susannah playing Corn Hole with the group)

 (Sage and son Brandon both wore leather trench coats)

(Sage would rather juggle the corn hole bags than actually play)

We left Shooters and headed over to Castle McCulloch. After being in traffic for more than a half hour and finding a parking spot, we ended up in The Line of Death. I have been to the parties at Castle McCulloch many times and have never seen a line this long.

 (The line ran at least 100 yards from the main gate, deep into the parking lot, and looped around)

 (Me and Sage doing the "extended arm photo shoot")

 (Inside the first bar was so crowded it took 10 minutes to just get to the line at the bar)

 (In the Zombie bar, people danced on stage. There was barely room to walk, let alone dance on the floor)

 (I catch a glimpse of husband, Stump, off in the distance)

 (Josh in a leather hood)

 (True brothers)

 (This was one of the most creative costumes I saw)

 (We even saw people from Danville while we were there)

 (Cool organ display outside the castle)

 (Castle entrance)

 (Dancer inside castle in spider webs)

 (Moving from the entrance to the back wall of the castle was insane)

 (People were packed in tighter than sardines in a can. One could only take inch long steps)

 (Son Brandon having a beer)

 (We made our way outside to avoid some of the crowd and decide what we wanted to do)

 (We did manage to see fire dancers before leaving)

The castle was way over-crowded. We only managed to walk into two tents and through the castle before deciding that we were all miserable. The place was just too tight to move anywhere and no one was enjoying the party. We had only been there an hour.
I have to wonder if Castle McCulloch has decided that their parties are all about profit rather than fun. They did "sell out" some time before 9:30 PM. I must say though, that I think "Sold out" should have happened at about half of the actual attendance. It seems to have become about how much profit the castle can pull in by squeezing as many $20 per head sardines in a can as possible. Our whole group has decided that we will not be back to the Castle unless they can figure out where to draw the line as far as crowds.

After leaving Castle McCulloch, we drove to the fairgrounds in Eden, NC for a bit.

 (Son Brandon and his girlfriend, Susannah enjoy the warmth of the fire)

 (Me, Brandon, Susannah, and Sage)

 (Stump enjoys the fire and a beer)

(Melody warms her knickers by the fire)

We all did enjoy each others company, and had a good time for the most part. We will just think twice before going to Castle McCulloch again.


  1. OMG, I wish I could have been there with you guys because this looked like a BLAST!

    I LOVE Halloween!!!!

    I've never had a jello shot before, but I have a feeling I would be plastered after only ONE!

    (I'm SUCH a lightweight drinker)

    One glass of wine and I'm 'flipping out' HA!

    What faaaaaaabulous costumes! LOVE the guy with his head in the tank with the snakes. How CREATIVE! And I also like the couple below that photo - what a HOOT!

    Thanks so much for sharing, girl! Really enjoyed!

    Hope you had a super Sunday!


    P.S. I really like the photo of the bonfire - great capture!

  2. Happy Halloween, Ron!

    I totally wish you could have been there with us too! We have a good time wherever we go, and from what I'm learning of you I think you would so fit in with us!

    There were many better costumes there than the ones you saw. The place was just so crowded that I couldn't get close enough to get good shots of anyone.

    Hope your Hallowscream is fantabulous!


  3. Would've went but STUMP DOESN'T LIKE ME NOMORE...LOL


  5. Good morning, "Anonymous" (I know this is Steve)

    Stump loves you baby... and so do I!!!

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you too!



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  7. I attended the Halloween party with my girlfriend...have to admit it was the absolute best Halloween party I have ever been to...had a blast!!!..from the dancers to the strippers to the many costumes...taking a couple days off so I canhave time to bounce back to work stress free...if you plan togo this year I advise you do the same