Monday, October 24, 2011

Broadway at the Beach, Labor Day Weekend

On arriving at Broadway at the Beach, Bear poses in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

We wandered around several of the shops at Broadway. Bear and Stump stopped to try on hats.
 (I love this hat on Bear!)

 (Stump tries on fedoras at the Harley store)

 (Don't mess with him...)

We made our way up the walkway toward Margaritaville, but stopped for a few pictures.

 (Bear leans over the rail over the lake)

 (Stump invests a few quarters in fish food)

 (The carp and the ducks frantically go after the food that is thrown to them)

 (We see our destination coming closer)

 (Bear outside the entrance to Margaritaville)

I think my shopping may have worn Bear out. He has a water while Stump and I have a couple of Margaritas. 

Another great afternoon at Myrtle Beach!


  1. HA! LOVE that last shot of Bear in the chair. PRICELESS!

    What awesome photos! Seeing the photo of Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville reminded me of my time spent down in Key West, Florida, where all you hear is Jimmy Buffett music coming out of the bars and pubs!

    You would LOVE Key West because it's so tropical.

    Hey, I'm really digging the fedora that Stump is wearing. VERY cool hat!

    Thanks so much for sharing your day, girl! Really enjoyed!

    Have a super Monday and week!


  2. Hello, Ron!

    Isn't that pic of Bear the BEST? I love it!

    You always have so many suggestions for places I'd love to go. Key West is one place that I would really enjoy seeing. I'm always up for a little travel. What's so great is I don't care where I'm going! There's always and adventure to be found!

    Hope you have a marvelous week!