Friday, October 14, 2011

Bear Visits the Bowery

I have been down with a broken elbow for the last month. After my elbow started to feel a bit better,my back decided to flair up with what I believe to be a herniated disk. I've been away from the blog for a while attempting to nurse myself. When I left you all, I was blogging about a trip Stump and I took on Labor Day weekend with Bear and Scott. Here is where I left off:

We got into Myrtle Beach after dark on Thursday night. I had worked all day and all of us were tired from the drive down. I was ready for a beer.

Stump suggested that we take Bear to the Bowery. This is the place where the band Alabama got their start. It was also mentioned in their song, "Dancing, Shagging on the Boulevard". This was a piece of Americana that Bear should witness first hand.

(The Bowery, Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC)

On entering The Bowery, one is immediately submerged into the history of the building. I'm not sure that Bear knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

(The look of "yikes" is expressed well in this photo of Bear as he sees inside)

The decor in The Bowery is very simple. It is a frame building with painted wooden signs hanging all over the walls, ceiling, and on the support beams. Seating is provided by way of ancient ladder-back chairs and the 2' X 2' tables are packed closely together. The smell of stale cigarette smoke, dust, and beer fills the room.

(Red wooden sign with the only item on the menu - Beer $2.50)

The Bowery only serves one thing. Beer. That is as specific as I can be. They serve only one beer, draught, and it is unknown what brand it is.
(Our three beers sit on our table and a lit cigarette perches on a dirty, rusted ash tray)

(A painted wooden sign hangs over the exit doorway These are words of wisdom.)

The waitstaff there are all men. Big men. These guys serve as bouncers as well as waiters. They wear the signature Bowery T-Shirts as their official uniform. Our waiter graciously allowed me to get a shot of his back. Those guys move so fast, it is impossible to get a decent picture of them.

(The rebel flag adorns the back of the Bowery waiters)
(Bear doesn't look as if he's having the best time, does he?)

While in the bar, over the loud music of the band, every once in a while there would be a bang combined with a loud, shrill, sound.

We didn't make Bear stay "too" long. Maybe an hour. He was ready for a nicer atmosphere and a little of his own music. Our next stop: The Beach House.


  1. Bear I also went to the Bowery for the first time when me and a friend went to the Fall Bike Rally. We had a great time for about an hour and then my friend got us thrown out cause some local ass decided to try and hit him with a cue stick. Needless to say he got a the south will rise again experience....LOL

  2. Hello "Anonymous" (although I know who this is)!

    The place is certainly on the redneck side. I have to wonder if that "friend" who got you kicked out is who I think.

    "The south will rise again experience" ROFLMAO!!! Priceless!!!

    Kisses, Sweet

  3. AWESOME photos!!!

    "This is the place where the band Alabama got their start. It was also mentioned in their song, "Dancing, Shagging on the Boulevard"." COOL! And I ADORE Alabama!

    I love the look of this place. I know this sounds strange, but I love places that look old, rustic, and raw. That's one of the reasons why I love living in a city. Especially a city like NYC. It's so raw and rustic! And REAL. You would LOVE it, I know!

    So sorry to hear about your herniated disk. I know many people who have had that, and it ain't fun.

    Sending ya LOTS of 'good healing energy' with this comment for a speedy recovery....

    (((((( You )))))))))

    Have a FAB weekend, girl!


  4. Hello, Ron!

    Great to hear from you again! I've missed blogging but missed your comments more :))

    I swear one of these days I either have to visit you or you need to come visit me! I know we would have a BLAST!

    Soaking up all that healing energy you're sending... and it's greatly appreciated!



  5. I used to know a good pair of guys there. Big Mike was our waiter and Eddie Talbert was our bartender. Once a year (20 years ago)we travelled from Canada to MB for a week of golf and beer at the Bowery. Great times. Hope Mike and Eddie are still around and doing well. I will check this site periodically to see if anyone knows how they are.
    Thanks from Canada.

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