Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big M Casino Cruise - Little River, South Carolina

My posts about my vacations are usually chronological. I'm breaking away from my norm today and posting about our casino cruise while in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. This is soooo hard. I'm a bit blog OCD.

On Sunday, Stump, Bear, Scott and I decided to take a gambling cruise through The Big M Casino. The weather was perfect for being out in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Big M Casino is a gambling cruise ship located in Little River, South Carolina. The ship goes out twice a day for 5 or 6 hour excursions. Gambling is illegal in South Carolina, but the ship travels into international waters before gaming begins.

We found coupons for both free boarding and a free dinner buffet. The normal cost of the casino cruise is $10 Boarding, $10 Port Tax/Fee. $15 Optional dinner buffet. We did have to pay the $10 Port Tax/Fee.

Be sure to check different places for the best coupons before going. These are placed around Myrtle Beach area businesses and hotels. Some coupons are only good for one or the other. Try to find one with both. They are out there! We got ours at Jammin' Leather.

I was not allowed to take photos of any of the tables or slot machines. I did, however, get several wonderful pictures of the ship and our group enjoying the trip.

 (The Cruise ship is docked, waiting on its passengers to board)

(The Big M Casino)

(Another view of the ship)

 (Three passengers, Bear, Stump, and Scott)

(The casino sign beckons)

Once on board the ship, a buffet dinner is served. The buffet is $15 but if you have the right coupons, this is free also! Stump helps himself to fried chicken, Swedish meatballs, and corn on the cob among other sides and desserts.

 (Stump with a full dinner plate and slice of chocolate chip cheesecake)

(Stump and I sit in chairs on the bow of the boat)

(The ship's Captain moves the boat away from the dock)

("I'm King of the World")

(Scott's first venture onto the ocean)

 (The captain looks very comfy steering the ship)

(Bear poses for more oceanic pictures)

(Bear and Scott on the top deck)

Once in international waters, the boat was anchored. Stump and Scott found slot machines while Bear and I played blackjack. I wish I could have taken some pictures inside the casino, but I'll just have to settle for the memories.

I would like to say that I won tons of money on the cruise. I have to say instead that I didn't lose all that much. Besides, with the free cruise and free buffet the cruise was worth the loss. Bear did fare pretty well. He scored a nice payday on the blackjack tables. Grats to you, Bear!

It was late when we got back. The ship ported at 11:45 PM. It was a fun trip, but all of us were exhausted. We had a really early morning and a long day coming up too. It was time for us to come home.

If you want more information about the Big M Casino, click HERE!


  1. mother and father would have REALLY enjoyed this because they LOVED gambling. They always went to Vegas once or twice a year when I was kid. They also LOVED to play cards with there friends home.

    Wonderful photographs! Especially enjoyed the night shots.

    " would like to say that I won tons of money on the cruise. I have to say instead that I didn't lose all that much."

    I was just going to ask how you guys did.

    " Bear did fare pretty well. He scored a nice payday on the blackjack tables."

    You GO, Bear!

    Blackjack is my mother's favorite card game.

    Thanks for sharing, girl. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Happy Wednesday.....X

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