Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PDRA Treasure Hunt 2011

On Sunday, the Piedmont Diving Rescue Association (PDRA) had their Treasure Hunt at J.M.R. Quarry in Blanch, NC. There were people from all over Virginia and the Carolinas that came out to have some fun in the water. 

(A shot of the dock at JMR Quarry)

 (The shelter next to the dock)

 Stump and Courtney register treasure hunters for a chance at prizes)

On arrival, the divers give their names to check into the treasure hunt. 

(Stump and Courtney check members as they get ready to dive)

 (Under the shelter divers and their families socialize before and after diving)

 (A 4-Wheeler makes a great shuttle for dive gear)

The treasure hunt is, in fact, a hunt for sunken treasure. Before the hunt, divers set up the quarry with washers which have colored plastic ribbon attached to them. These washers are hidden within the water for divers to find. It works something like an Easter Egg Hunt. Once a diver finds a token, they are turned in and exchanged for prize tickets. The prizes can range from T-shirts to full BCDs. 

 (This is the treasure the divers are looking for under water)

Before prizes are awarded, the PDRA hosted a barbecue lunch complete with pulled pork, barbecued chicken wings, baked beans, cole slaw, and even hot dogs for the kids. The shelter at the entrance to the quarry was used for the picnic.
 (Divers gather around picnic tables to feast on delicious barbecue with all the fixin's)

At only $7 per plate, with children eating free, the barbecue is a great bargain. It also helps to raise funds for the PDRA. 

 (Susan Emerson of B.C. Xtreme Sports takes money at the door for the barbecue lunch)

 (Hungry divers line up for their share of the barbecue)

 (J.D. Emerson, the owner of B.C. Xtreme Sports, and one of the quarry managers)

(Pulled pork, chicken wings, and baked beans fresh off the grill)

 (Donna helps to serve the masses)

 (Donna's hubby, Robert, serves up lunch with a smile)

 (Jeremy, one of the quarry managers, relaxes after slaving over the barbecue all day)

 (Mike, B.C. Xtreme's newest instructor chats with fellow divers)

 (Steve is just "happy to be here")

 (Stump and Mike discuss important issues - or so they claim)

(The barbecue trailer never seemed to get lonely)

The prizes are donated by different dive shops in the area. They are laid out on the floor for inspection before the drawings are held. Every person who participated will walk away with a minimum of one prize. This year, the prizes included a Blackbeard Cruise! 

 (Just a few of the great prizes that were up for grabs)

 (Divers look over the prizes before the drawing to see what they would choose)

 (Some of my friends *ahemMikeahem* can be real jokesters)

 (Waiting for the PDRA meeting and drawings to begin)

 (Getting ready for the meeting)

 (The prize tickets wait in a fishbowl to be drawn)
(Stump trying to beat the heat)

 (Courtney is happy that registration is over - she had a long, hard day)

 (Jeremy and wife, Courtney listen as the meeting is in progress)

 (J. D. Emerson brings the meeting to order and then announces winners)

 (Divers waiting for their ticket number to be called)

(We have a volunteer to draw the numbers)

The drawing went well. There were enough prizes for everyone to get two... with still some left over. The "leftover" prizes were claimed on a first-come-first-served basis. I cut out of there before it was all over. I can't tell you who won the cruise (sad, I know), but Stump and I did bring home a dive flashlight, two nice backpacks, and a Camelback.

If you are a diver in the area and haven't joined the PDRA, please check into it. You can find information HERE. They offer several quarries that you and your family have access to 24/7. They also offer cookouts, treasure hunts, and other fun events during the year. If you aren't a diver and would like to be, in the Danville area, contact J.D. or Susan Emerson at B.C. Xtreme Sports or, if you aren't near south side Virginia, do a Google search for dive shops in your area.

Happy diving, everyone!


  1. " It works something like an Easter Egg Hunt. Once a diver finds a token, they are turned in and exchanged for prize tickets. The prizes can range from T-shirts to full BCDs."

    OMG...that sounds like FUN!!!!!

    And that food menu sounded utterly delicious! I love me some barbecue food.

    By the looks of your awesome photos, it sounds like you had a faaaaaaaaaabulous time!

    I can't but think that because of how much you enjoy the water and outdoors, you would so love living in Florida. It's all year round!

    Thanks for sharing your day, girl! Have a terrrrrrrrific Tuesday!


  2. Hey Ron!

    It was a really fun gathering! You should think about diving if you haven't already. I'm sure you would love it!

    Florida... Yes, please. I would pack up and move there in a minute if I could. To live so close to the ocean and enjoying mild winters would be absolute heaven!

    Hope you're day has been amazing!