Monday, August 22, 2011

Farewell and God's Speed, Rob!

On Friday after work, I met two co-workers at Kickback Jack's. Let me introduce you to Rob and Gaurav.

 Rob (left) and Gaurav (right)

The reason for this get-together was to say goodbye to Rob. Rob is (was) a Controls Engineer where I work. His last day at work was today. He is going back home to Ohio. We decided to go out for a few drinks before he left us for good.
 Me with Rob

 Rob, Me, and Gaurav

The three of us with our waitress after dinner

I want to take this time to say to Rob that I wish you the best of luck, God's speed, and you will be missed!


  1. God's speed and the best of luck to your friend, Rob!

    Isn't it bitter/sweet when someone we really like moves forward in their life's journey?

    I felt this way when I moved from Florida back to Philly. I was so happy and excited about the move, but also a bit sad about leaving my friends. But hey, good friends stay good friends FOREVER, no matter where we move and how we grow.

    AWESOME photos!

    You're such a pretty lady!

    Have a MARVI Monday, girl!


  2. Happy Monday, Ron!

    Yes, it is bitter/sweet! On the one hand, I'm glad to see my friends move on to bigger and better things. On the other, I know that I will miss them. Yes, I'm selfish that way! But you are absolutely right. "Good friends stay good friends FOREVER, no matter where we move or how we grow". Sometimes those good friends are never even met in the real world ;)

    Thanks on the compliment, hon. You flatter me!

    Hope you week is amazing!