Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I really didn't mean for this week to become my own personal Fashion Week, but I scored some great deals last week and have to share! Today I got my package from the Lilly Pulitzer yearly sale! I could feel my pulse rise as the UPS driver backed into my driveway.

The pretty pink bundles that he had in that brown truck made my day

Unwrapped but still tightly rolled in pink ribbon

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Skye Blue Off the Hook. Retail $118 - On sale for $39

Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Sea Blue Dip Dye. Retail $98 - On sale for $39

Double Score!!!

As of now, I'm not expecting any more packages in the mail. Although I could have ordered something that I've forgotten somewhere along the line. I'll try to post more "MYFWBS" posts and let the fashion bloggers handle the fashion news the rest of the week!

Did any of you score big from the 3 day Lilly sale? I'd love to hear what you got!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

G.H. Bass Weejuns SCORE!

I thought I would share my score for last week. My package arrived in pristine condition on Friday. I wore them all day Satruday and Sunday to break them in. I. Love. These. Shoes.

What I wanted:

$120 + 8.95 S&H

What I purchased instead:

$39.99 + Free Shipping

These are the exact same shoe from the same manufacturer, G.H. Bass. They came in the exact same color as the J. Crew shoes. Heartland America also has them in black, just like J.Crew!

You can find them HERE

You're welcome :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Revenge of FrankenFly

Flies are annoying. The nasty things zip around playing "tag" and usually win. There is nothing worse than having one of these more experienced creatures challenge you to a duel.

(The Culprit)

One of these little terrorists had gotten into the Supply Center at work. He buzzed and zoomed around, grazing arms and ears, and landing on the desks and computers. He had started World War III.

(The weapon)

When it comes to bugs, I don't kid around. Apparently, neither does Kevin, who works in Supply. Kevin keeps an electric fly swatter next to his desk at all times. He's not afraid to use it either. He has taken down many a fly, mosquito, and moth in his day. There's no contest when it comes to Kevin and his insect electric chair... Usually.

(Meet Kevin)

This fly was not your ordinary fly. Kevin zapped this little guy and he fell to the counter. Only two seconds later, this FrankenFly rose from the dead, took a few staggered steps, and then flew back to perch on Kevin's computer. The fly was now pissed... and glaring at Kevin. I knew that this wouldn't be pretty. I prepared myself with my trusty camera to document the event that would unfold.

Kevin went back to his job. The fly also went back to his. He buzzed to a shelf, picked up a motor, and flew back... to get his revenge.

I will spare the gruesome pictures of what followed. But did snap this picture just a split second before FrankenFly got his revenge.

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Very First Blog Award!!!

I was catching up on my blog reading on Wednesday evening when I went to The Wasp's Nest. Her second post down caught me a big off guard. Let's just say that it's a good thing that I have a laptop to hold me in my chair or I would have fallen right off! Mrs. Wasp was kind enough to pass this award on to me! Can you believe it? She is the sweetest southern thing! Truly a Friend With Benefits if I ever saw one.

Y'all make sure to give her a visit and let her know MYFWBS sent you!

So to accept this award, I suppose I have to share some things with you guys. Here are the rules... and what follows is a look into my somewhat weird personal life. Hope you guys enjoy!

Link back to the person who gave you this award
Complete the form below
Share 7 random things about yourself
Award 15 bloggers this award and notify them of the award.

Name your favorite color: Purple
Name your favorite song: "Your Song" by Elton John
Name your favorite dessert: Olive Garden's White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
When you're upset you: Clean my house like a maniac. You can tell I haven't been upset in a while.
Your favorite pet: Our Isabella White Siberian Husky, Konju Toshi Garou.
Your biggest fear: Any sort of bug. I don't care what kind. If it has 6 or more legs GET IT AWAY!
Best feature: Physical? My eyes. I get compliments on them all the time :)
Everyday attitude: Cheery
What is perfection: Hershey Chocolate Drops
Guilty pleasure: DVD nights with my friend, Sage.

Seven Random Things About Myself:
I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew
I love to get a hotel room all to myself and get away from everyone and everything once in a while.
I can say my alphabet backwards... even when I'm drunk.
My favorite way to unwind is sitting on the carport with a glass of white wine.
I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock 5-6 times before I will get up.
I passed off instant potatoes at Christmas dinner one year as home made. (Just once... pinky swear)
I love surprising my friends with little gifts or I like to pay for their meals or drinks.

The 15 Blogs I'm Awarding:
Vent...a series of takes
The Meanest Mom
Falling Off A High Heeled Life
Her Highness of Cute
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MWF Seeking BFF
Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva
How I Met Your Father
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Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore
Nautical By Nature

That just about does it! I want to thank Mrs. Wasp one more time for this award! Girl, you rock! I hope you have a marvelous weekend!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Castle McCulloch Summer Carnevale 2011

It's that time of year again! Castle McCulloch is holding their Summer Carnevale!  Trust me when I tell you the last three events I attended were Over. The. Top!

(Castle McCulloch, lit up for the party)

A bit about Castle McCulloch taken directly from their website:

"Following the discovery of gold in North Carolina, an enterprising Cornish engineer named Charles McCulloch came to the gold fields of Jamestown, North Carolina to build a gold refinery. He brought with him the architecture of England and the latest technological development, the steam engine. McCulloch Gold Mill was built in 1832 and operated many years as an integral part of the history of Gold Mining in the State and in the Nation.

In 1849 discovery of Gold in California began the Gold Rush, and eventually the mines began to draw miners to California. The original Mill structure also served briefly, as a makeshift hospital for soldiers during the Civil War."

This is a 21 and over party. The event has been hosted only on Saturdays in the past, but with growth of over 150% per year (according to their Facebook post), the event will be spread out two days, Friday and Saturday, August 26 and 27th.

Here is a quick 30 second commercial from last year's party!

Of course, I'm not leaving you without some of my own pictures from Castle McCulloch past...

 (The costumes are outrageous!)

 (Inside the castle, the dance floor is packed)

 (A view from the upstairs of the castle looking through the chandelier)

 (The pirate tent is my favorite)

 (This group of pirates knows how to get a crowd involved in the show!)

 (Foxy Moxy is a burlesque star)

 (Acrobatics in the Circus Tent)

 (These ladies can put on a show)

 (The castle is beautiful in the dark)

 (Stump with his mask)

 (Some costumes are more risque' than others)

 (Doug is having a great time)

 (Dancers entertain in the Purgatory)

This is a MUST SEE for anyone who loves to walk on the wild side. BE WARNED... If you are easily offended, do NOT go. There are many costumes that leave little to the imagination, there is a lot of drinking, several diverse people and many different sub-cultures will be in attendance. If you can't check your inhibitions and judgments at the door, then Castle McCulloch's Summer Carnivale is not for you.

It is, however, definitely for me!

If you want more information, visit the site HERE

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yeah, I'm Gonna Break Something

Any of you who personally know me, already know that I've been having issues with my back. As of now, I think that I have a ruptured disc. I have to be really careful how I move. If I even sneeze wrong, my back bites me to the point that I have severe pain. I liken the pain to that of touching a tooth filling with a piece of metal. The pain is electrical and sharp.Yes, it is that bad. I have been to regular doctors over the past few years when it flares up to get something for the pain, but I have yet to see a specialist. I don't like the idea of someone cutting my spine. I am, therefore, putting it off for as long as I possibly can.

Self- treatment involves exercising the core muscles to keep the spine better aligned. The catch-22 with that is that traditional aerobic exercise (bending, reaching, jumping, etc) puts even more pressure on the spine. Thus, I have been afraid to do much of anything. It isn't that I just don't want to exercise, far from it. I used to teach aerobics and dance years ago and I absolutely loved it. I do miss it and wish I could do the things I used to do.

So what is my game plan? I'm glad you asked. I have found what I think might be a low impact workout that will strengthen the core muscles, thereby helping to reduce the pressure on my lower spine. I have checked into class days, times, and costs. As soon as the next few weeks of planned vacations and outings are over (which should be mid-September), I will be attempting this:

This is why I chose bellydance as a form of exercise:

"Improved posture and muscle toning
Our spinal column contains more bones and ligaments than any other part of the body. Its 33 vertebrae are stacked together in a column joined together by cartilage and ligaments, and almost every movement of the torso depends upon its flexibility and function. Muscle groups that attach to the ligaments and vertebrae create movement in the trunk and pelvis areas. Raks sharki tones these muscles and maintains flexibility in a safe and effective manner.
During the dance, the movements of hip drops, circles, figure eights, and shimmies put the joints and ligaments in the lower back and hip through a full range of gentle, repetitive motion. This movement helps increase the flow of synovial fluid (nature's lubricant) in these joints. When movements are done properly, the pelvis is tipped forward, or tucked somewhat; a neutral position that can help prevent lower back problems. Raks sharki can help relieve stress to the back, counteracting the almost constant compression of the disks that occurs from sitting and a sedentary lifestyle.
These toned muscles improve posture and help prevent back pain that can be caused by the unnatural curving forward of the spine that occurs when muscle groups are weak (lordosis). Small muscle groups deep in the back that are normally under-exercised are used and strengthened. The muscles surrounding the hip, the largest joint in the body, are used and exercised during hip drops, and figure eights, enhancing flexibility and suppleness. Improved hip flexibility can lead to improved balance when walking as well.
Arms and Shoulders are exercised when doing lifts, circles, or the rippling motions of snake arms, toning muscle. This toning effect is often evident early on, since holding the arms aloft are an important element of the dance, even for beginners.
Because a woman is on her feet, moving during the dance, it is considered a weight-bearing exercise. Weight-bearing exercise can prevent osteoporosis and strengthen bones, and the overall toning can lead to an improved self-image, as the dancer becomes more balanced and poised. Raks sharki is considered a low-impact exercise, meaning the risk of injury is minimal when movements are done correctly. The benefits of belly dance can be enjoyed by women of all ages; men and children are participating in the dance as well, and reaping the same benefits."

This excerpt was taken from HERE

Yeah, I'm gonna break something.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PDRA Treasure Hunt 2011

On Sunday, the Piedmont Diving Rescue Association (PDRA) had their Treasure Hunt at J.M.R. Quarry in Blanch, NC. There were people from all over Virginia and the Carolinas that came out to have some fun in the water. 

(A shot of the dock at JMR Quarry)

 (The shelter next to the dock)

 Stump and Courtney register treasure hunters for a chance at prizes)

On arrival, the divers give their names to check into the treasure hunt. 

(Stump and Courtney check members as they get ready to dive)

 (Under the shelter divers and their families socialize before and after diving)

 (A 4-Wheeler makes a great shuttle for dive gear)

The treasure hunt is, in fact, a hunt for sunken treasure. Before the hunt, divers set up the quarry with washers which have colored plastic ribbon attached to them. These washers are hidden within the water for divers to find. It works something like an Easter Egg Hunt. Once a diver finds a token, they are turned in and exchanged for prize tickets. The prizes can range from T-shirts to full BCDs. 

 (This is the treasure the divers are looking for under water)

Before prizes are awarded, the PDRA hosted a barbecue lunch complete with pulled pork, barbecued chicken wings, baked beans, cole slaw, and even hot dogs for the kids. The shelter at the entrance to the quarry was used for the picnic.
 (Divers gather around picnic tables to feast on delicious barbecue with all the fixin's)

At only $7 per plate, with children eating free, the barbecue is a great bargain. It also helps to raise funds for the PDRA. 

 (Susan Emerson of B.C. Xtreme Sports takes money at the door for the barbecue lunch)

 (Hungry divers line up for their share of the barbecue)

 (J.D. Emerson, the owner of B.C. Xtreme Sports, and one of the quarry managers)

(Pulled pork, chicken wings, and baked beans fresh off the grill)

 (Donna helps to serve the masses)

 (Donna's hubby, Robert, serves up lunch with a smile)

 (Jeremy, one of the quarry managers, relaxes after slaving over the barbecue all day)

 (Mike, B.C. Xtreme's newest instructor chats with fellow divers)

 (Steve is just "happy to be here")

 (Stump and Mike discuss important issues - or so they claim)

(The barbecue trailer never seemed to get lonely)

The prizes are donated by different dive shops in the area. They are laid out on the floor for inspection before the drawings are held. Every person who participated will walk away with a minimum of one prize. This year, the prizes included a Blackbeard Cruise! 

 (Just a few of the great prizes that were up for grabs)

 (Divers look over the prizes before the drawing to see what they would choose)

 (Some of my friends *ahemMikeahem* can be real jokesters)

 (Waiting for the PDRA meeting and drawings to begin)

 (Getting ready for the meeting)

 (The prize tickets wait in a fishbowl to be drawn)
(Stump trying to beat the heat)

 (Courtney is happy that registration is over - she had a long, hard day)

 (Jeremy and wife, Courtney listen as the meeting is in progress)

 (J. D. Emerson brings the meeting to order and then announces winners)

 (Divers waiting for their ticket number to be called)

(We have a volunteer to draw the numbers)

The drawing went well. There were enough prizes for everyone to get two... with still some left over. The "leftover" prizes were claimed on a first-come-first-served basis. I cut out of there before it was all over. I can't tell you who won the cruise (sad, I know), but Stump and I did bring home a dive flashlight, two nice backpacks, and a Camelback.

If you are a diver in the area and haven't joined the PDRA, please check into it. You can find information HERE. They offer several quarries that you and your family have access to 24/7. They also offer cookouts, treasure hunts, and other fun events during the year. If you aren't a diver and would like to be, in the Danville area, contact J.D. or Susan Emerson at B.C. Xtreme Sports or, if you aren't near south side Virginia, do a Google search for dive shops in your area.

Happy diving, everyone!