Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photos at Grave's Mountain, Syria, Virginia


Happy {Semi} Wordless Wednesday, everyone! I'm linking up again today with Flip Flops and Pearls' blog hop! Yesterday, I started blogging about my weekend trip to Grave's Mountain with Stump and Bear. You can read that HERE. Today, I'm just sharing some photos I snapped out of the passenger door on the way to the cabin. I will be blogging more about the trip tomorrow! Hope to see you then!

Y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Great photos!! Enjoy your trip ... xo HHL

  2. Love these photos, it looks so peaceful! Can't wait to read more about your trip tomorrow!

    Have a great {Semi} Wordless Wednesday!

  3. Great photos of Virginia...always beautiful countryside. Stopping by from FFP's Semi Wordless Wednesday!

  4. Awesome photos!

    Especially the one of the cows. I ADORE cows! They've got the sweetest-looking faces.


    Have a great day, my friend!


  5. Great photos ... and I want the farm house hidden behind the trees & shrubs!

  6. @ HHL - We did have a good time! Thanks so much for stopping by today! <3

    @ J - It was very peaceful there. Until later that night. When you come back tomorrow, you will find out why!

    @ Laurie - Thank you. So glad you decided to stop in. Don't you love the FF&P blog hop?!? I've found so many daily reads on there!

    @ Ron - I love the faces on cows too. You made me giggle aloud with your "Mooooooooooo"! You're always good for a smile. Happy Wednesday! XOXO

    @ Say What - I wanted that house too! The yard was amazing. That would be the perfect place to entertain! Happy Wednesday! <3

  7. I love Virginia so much! So much beautiful countryside there!

    Visiting from FF&P and following you now :)

  8. Oh my that looks so beautiful and peaceful!! Was that big house a B&B? I've not been to Virginia before but I would love to spend some time there for sure!
    Thanks for linking up to SWW and have a wonderful week :)

  9. @ The Pink Owl - I love it here as well. What is interesting is that the scenery changes considerable depending on where in Virginia you go. Glad you joined me! I've been following your blog too!

    @ Laura Wilkerson - The big house was just someone's personal residence. It would make a great B&B though, wouldn't it? Thanks for stopping in! <3