Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Not Emeril

Last night, I decided to make home made baked beans.

I browned my hamburger along with green peppers and onions. I added the brown sugar, ketchup, vinegar, and beans to the frying pan. I was looking for a cassarole dish large enough to contain my concoction, but found that the only thing all of my ingredients would fit in were the aformentioned frying pan.

On thinking it over, I decided that being Emeril cookware, that my frying pan was intended to go from stovetop to oven. Which it did nicely. Call me crazy, but I'm not one who ever thinks to put a frying pan in the oven.

I covered the pan with its lid, placed my creation into the oven at 350 degrees and let it cook for the forty minutes the recipe called for. After forty minutes, my timer went off.

I picked up two pot holders; one for the handle of the pan, the other to help with the weight of the pan itself. I placed it on top of the stove and removed the top. The smell was amazing. I laid my pot holders down and reached for a wooden spoon to stir the fruits of my labor.

As I turned back toward the stove with my spoon, my right hand instinctively grabbed hold of the stainless steel handle of the frying pan. Hey, I'm not used to frying pan handles being hot, O.K.?

I screamed and I cursed.

After taking a minute to shake my hand around the room and to hop around cussing like a sailor, I regained my composure. I picked up my spoon again, very gingerly this time because of the fresh burn on my palm and fingers. Deciding I could not hold said spoon, I transferred the spoon to my un-burned hand.

I stirred the beautiful beans in the pan for a moment, when I decided the lid to the pan should be in the sink rather than on my stove top. Again, I reached out with my poor freshly burned hand, and picked up the lid.

"Damn it!... Holy F@#!... ", I proceeded to curse and flung the hot frying pan lid across the room.

I have now come to the conclusion that even though Emeril Lagasse makes frying pans that you can use in the oven, it is not always in one's best interest to do so.


  1. "After taking a minute to shake my hand around the room and to hop around cussing like a sailor, I regained my composure."

    HA! OMG...you sound exactly like me!!! I cuss like a sailor too. Especially when something like this happens. And trust me, I've done it! I often wonder WHY we do things like that? I mean we know it's going to be HOT, but somehow it doesn't register in our brains. And I've even done this with pots; forgetting to use a pot holder - YAWZA!

    Cuss...cuss...cuss....like a sailor!

    Hey, those baked beans sound like they came out DELISH!

    Have a faaaaaaabulous day, girl! And don't forget to use a pot holder - HA!


  2. Isn't it insane what the brain will and will not process?

    Mine does, however, process profanity.

    The baked beans turned out amazingly. The house smelled fantastic for hours afterward too. That's one of the plus sides of cooking rather than picking up something.

    Always great to hear from you, Ron! And I will be using my pot holder this evening.