Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Feeling Buysexual Today

Buysexual - Someone who gets turned on by, or derives sexual pleasure from, shopping, or being taken shopping.
     ~Urban Dictionary

I'm thinking of a lot of ways that I could really get off by going shopping. Here are a few of the things that I'm lusting after right now.

Home for 35 in Newark - Photo from HERE

This house would really be party central. I doubt I would have any problems finding enough friends to fill all of the beds. I'll even wager I would find friends I didn't even know I had.

France Luxury Yacht - Photo from HERE

Although the house is very luxurious and has many amenities, we would need to get away from the house for some site seeing. I think this yacht would definitely fit the bill. It boasts plasma television screens, a saloon and dining area, as well as a ballroom. After dinner we could relax in the whirlpool.

Horses and Stable - Photo from HERE

Some of my friends aren't really water babies like I am. For those who would rather not ride out on the yacht, a stable with horses would be a wonderful alternative. I love riding horses, and I would be torn between which activity to do.

Now that I've shown you the three runners up on my list, I'm going to share with you my heart's desire...

Christian Louboutin Simple 85 Pump - Picture from HERE
(A steal at $595)

Since I am not at all a greedy person, I feel that only one of the items on my list would satisfy me. Just to be fair, I won't be making the decision on my own. To my dearest husband, Stump. I'm going to let you pick one of the four above items that I can purchase.

~Your Loving Wife


  1. Okay, first, I LOVE the title of this post!

    VERY clever!!!!

    "Buysexual - Someone who gets turned on by, or derives sexual pleasure from, shopping, or being taken shopping."

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! OMG, I've never heard that definition before but it's faaaaabulous!

    Great choices in buysexual. And I especially love those black pumps. VERY simple, classic and chic! Good taste.

    You GO, girl!!

    And have a terrific day!


  2. Hi, Ron!

    The title of the post is getting me comments on my Facebook account and at work if not here!

    Those Christian Louboutins have been calling my name out for what seems like forever now. Maybe if my husband reads this blog and sees the other things on my list, he won't be as upset when I actually do buy them :P

    Hope your week has been amaaaazing! Looking forward to reading your blog tomorrow!