Friday, July 8, 2011

The Highlander - A New Irish Pub in Danville, Virginia

On Thursday, Boots wanted to meet after work. She said she had something for me. When I asked her where, I expected the usual Kickback Jacks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Franks, or Hams. Not today! Danville has a brand new Irish Pub called The Highlander. This is now the only bar/restaurant in Danville that allows smoking. I was up for it, so we went! We were also joined by Mama Boots, Kim, Bear, and later that evening, Sage.
The Highlander Sign

Pub Doorway

Boots, Mama Boots, and Kim

Mama Boots and Boots

Boots and Kim

Bear and Me

A shot of the bar

Anyone want to guess at what Boots had for me? I would never have guessed myself. She had found a vintage Lilly Pulitzer Make Up Bag in the Scuba Monkey print to go with the coin purse and coozie I got a couple of weeks ago! How cool is that? I loves my friends <3

Miss Boots with a gift

Lovely Lilly Pulitzer

We ordered bar food since the regular dinner menu was still in the works. The place is still new, but I do have to say I wasn't impressed at all with the kitchen staff. None of our orders were correct when they came out and Mama Boots had to send hers back four times before she got what she ordered. When we finally did get everything right, the food was pretty good. I hope they tighten up on the service. Here is a look at what we ordered:

Burger and fries

The Dublin

Chicken Wrap

Cranberry Salad

Sage joined us after dinner as he was just getting off of work. He, Bear, and I had cocktail after cocktail. They were really hitting the spot. This is how things went early on:

Bear's eyebrow is becoming famous

Me with Sage

Irish Rain, White Russian, and Rum Punch

One martini down the hatch

The later it got, the better (worse?) the night got. Here is a little of that:

All in all, we had a great time. I'm not sure exactly how long I will live after posting these pictures to the blog, but in my own defense... the pic of me is hands down the worst of the lot.

An Irish toast to you all...

My friends are the best friends

Loyal, willing and able.

Now let’s get to drinking!

All glasses off the table!

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love you back honey! Thanks again! <3

  2. "is now the only bar/restaurant in Danville that allows smoking."

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I can't believe there is a bar/restaurant out there that STILL allows smoking! Even though I'm a smoker, I can totally understand it being banned from a restauant, but a BAR?!?!? This is why I no longer go to clubs. The worse place for anti-smoking is in NYC, can you believe it? The smoking laws keep getting more and more severe there. But, it's still my favorite city on the east coast. I don't know if you've ever been, but I think you would love it.

    I need to hang with you and your friends one day, because you look like you know how to have a great time. Your friends look very fun and friendly.

    I'm loving that cranberry salad - yummy!

    Have a super weekend, girl!


    P.S. love the new addition to your blog header!

  3. I'm amazed that the smoking ban craze has hit our area at all. We are "tobacco country". All of the money from this area originated in tobacco.

    I've been to NYC once, but I was around 12 years old. I really don't count that as having been there at all! I'm hoping (praying) for an opportunity to go with one of my friends in the next month or so. If I do...look out! NY doesn't stand a chance! I'd live there if there was any way that I could.

    I would totally LOVE to hang with you sometime! I bet we would hit it off way better than good. Who knows, maybe one day I'll drag my friends up your way for a big city adventure. Then I could take my own pics of the dumpsters :P

    Thanks for the sweet compliment too... Still working on the blog header. Now I can't get it centered! Oh well, gives me something to do.

    Happy weekend!

  4. Went to the Highlander on Sat. 7/23/11 for dinner. We were there twice....the First time and the Last time. We waited and waited for our server and she never came. Another server got our drinks and had to GO AND FIND OUR SERVER. She came to the table looked at us and said I will be right back. It took her another 10 minutes to come back. We were ready to leave and pay for our drinks. She came back and took our order. We ordered the rib eye with fries and slaw and prime rib with baked potatoe and vegetable medley. Again.....we waited and waited for our meal. It finally came WITHOUT the slaw and baked potatoe. (the server never came back) The meal was ROOM TEMPERATURE. I called the manager and told him about the meal and he said he was sorry. Server finally came back and said she was on the "other" side of the room. We paid for our drinks and left. We won't be back. We went to another restaurant and had a "Wonderful" meal.

  5. @ Anonymous - It amazes me how workers in this town seem to only show up for a paycheck. What I really don't understand is wait staff. They make their living from tips, and the only thing that will bring in those tips is good service.

    My husband went back to The Highlander one evening with some friends after I posted this. He went to the bar for a few drinks but waited a total of 45 minuted to get his first beer after ordering several times. He wasn't impressed with them either. The above story was the first and only time I have been there as well. If they want to stay open in Danville, someone is going to have to do something.

  6. 08/01/2011...We went to The Highlander tonight. WE will be going back. The food was very, very good and the waitress that we had was great. We were on the pub side so I was able to smoke which was a pleasant experience. Andrea, our waitress, was an exceptional waitress. Be sure to ask for her.

    We got 3 different meals and they were all great. We have have Fish & Chips in Seattle, Washington that were not near as good as the Highlander. We have been to Ireland and had Shepherds Pine that was just a little better than The Highlander. After a wonderful meal the Chef brought us a delightful and tasteful dessert on the house. I don't know what the Baileys Cake would have cost, but it would have been worth every penny.

    I hope the people of Danville, VA will support this place. Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed.

    We are already making plans with family members to meet there soon and enjoy the food.

  7. Hi Anonymous!

    I'm so glad to hear a good report about The Highlander. I am hoping the earlier problems were only growing pains. Being the only smoking bar in Danville, I would love to see them stay!

    I'm glad you stopped in and posted your review of the place. I will be back, but I am going to wait until they have had a chance to get the staff better trained.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!