Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends Come in Many Sizes

Every Fourth of July week, Bear's extended family rent an old farmhouse on Grave's Mountain in Syria, Virginia. His family has been staying at the same place for more than twenty years. Stump and I went last year and had a great time. When invited back again this year, we jumped at the opportunity. The scenery is beautiful and the homes are very old and have personality.

On arriving at "Peon Palace", we were re-introduced to Bear's family and friends. One in particular would prove to be worth his weight to us in gold. Meet Stump's and my newest friend, Nathan.
Nathan immediately bonded with Stump and me from the minute we arrived. He posed for pictures, chatted with us, and insisted on helping us when we pitched our tent.

Stump and I began the process of pitching our tent. We don't stay in the main house with Bear and his family because there are so many people staying there. We always bring our tent along and camp out.

Nathan followed us to the camp site, determined that he was going to help out. "I know how to make a tent", he informed us.

This boy knew exactly how to pitch in and help - without getting in the way. While Stump and I spread out the tarp and the tent, Nathan got busy linking the tent's poles together for us.

He helped stump thread the tent's loops over the poles. Just look at the concentration on this kid's face!

The finished product.

Now, it was time to inflate our air mattress. Nathan got to work with the electric pump that we had plugged into the auxiliary of my car. Notice that the window is up on this car.

After the mattress was inflated, I did the unthinkable. I closed the car door. As I mentioned, the windows were up on the vehicle, and now my keys were in sight but completely out of reach. The trunk was still open from unloading the tent, mattress, and other gear. Enter Nathan again to save the day.

My car is a Pontiac Grand Prix and has the ski door that goes from the trunk to the back seat of the car. The passage is much too small for anyone. Anyone except Nathan, that is. Nathan climbed through the trunk, into the back seat of the car, across to the front seat, and pressed the magic button! The doors were unlocked again!.

Needless to say, we sung his praises to his parents and the rest of Bear's family. Nathan was a hero. He was even handsomely rewarded with a little cash to spend at the country store where he could buy candy necklaces, candy cigarettes, and anything else his hard-working heart desired.

Back again tomorrow with more from the mountains!


  1. Well, all I can say is Thank God for Nathan!! While I'm sure that Stump could've fit through the hole in the trunk, I just don't know if he would've been tall enough to actually get into the trunk.....bwaahahaha!!! Sorry D...couldn't help myself! Tell Stump I still love him!

  2. SaSa, I think you are right that he isn't tall enough to get into the trunk! Hahaha... He never gets a break does he?

    I ain't telling him you still love him. I'm going to make him read your comment!

    Love you, girl!

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.....Nathan!

    You GO, boy!

    "and now my keys were in sight but completely out of reach."

    OMG, I can't even tell you HOW MANY times I did that when I had a car. I eventually placed an emergency set of keys in one of those magnetic boxes you can place under your car bumper. One time I actually locked my keys in the car with the car still RUNNING - HA!

    Great shots. I've never been to Virginia, but it looks so beautiful!

    Glad to hear you had a great 4th of July!

  4. @ Ron - Isn't that the most awful feeling when you can see the keys in the ignition but can't touch them? They almost taunt you.

    You should come visit Virginia sometimes. Both the mountains and the beaches are breathtaking!