Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunday Dive at JMR Quarry

Last Sunday, Stump, Boots, and I headed to J.M.R. Quarry in Blanch, North Carolina to meet up with J.D. for a little diving. The weather was perfect! We stopped off at the top of the hill for Boots to snap a few photos from above. All of the photos in today's blog were taken by Boots, and I would like to thank her for allowing me to post these beautiful shots on my blog!

View from above the quarry

Dedication plaque

The J.M.R. Quarry is one of three quarries owned and operated by the Piedmont Dive and Rescue Association and is open to members, their families and guests. It is a beautiful place with a picnic shelter, meeting shelter, dressing rooms, and a camp site. The P.D.R.A. hosts several cookouts, events, and treasure hunts every year at the different quarries. If you are a diver, be sure to check out their website. It is worth the membership!

Divers on the dock

J.D. and my husband, Stump, unloading the equipment

A view from the dock

Stump and I get ready to gear up

Stump attaches his octopus to his air tank (Yes, I dive in my pearls)

You can always tell where the divers are in the quarry (bubble trails)

Just look how clear the water is

You can tell these dive boots have been worn a few times

Stump taking his "giant step"

I look so intense!

Boots, the photographer (thanks again)

All suited up and in the water

Time for a dive

And off we go...

After the dive

Wet suits hang to dry for the next dive of the day

Logging my dive in my PADI dive log

We had two wonderful dives on Sunday. Sadly, Boots had to leave us for prior commitments. After the dives we feasted on ribeye steaks, baked potatoes, and salads that J.D. and his wife, Susan, had prepared for us on the charcoal grill during our second dive. The food was amazing, but the company was even better!

This is really living the life!

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