Friday, June 24, 2011

PDRA Cookout

On Saturday, the Extreme Diver's Club is having a cookout for its members. Whenever there is diving, food, and great friends, you can be sure that you will find me in the mix! I'll be back next week to post pictures from the cookout. Until Monday, I wish you guys a happy weekend. I'm leaving a few pics I've not yet shared of our dives. Hope you enjoy!

 That's me!

 Stump swimming through old duct work

 Clearing his regulator

 Didn't know there were trains under water, did you?

 Me propped up against an airplane

 We are prepared for emergencies

 A memorial to a diver

I can't think of a better place for a Suzuki


  1. Awesome. And I mean AWESOME photos!!!!

    WOW! They look like something out of a Jacques Cousteau documentary!

    Love the one of the memorial.

    Have a GREAT time this weekend. Can't wait to see more photos!


  2. Funny you mention Jacques Cousteau. I used to watch his shows back in the 70's and wanted with a passion to be with him on board the Calypso. I wanted to dive with his crew. Diving was very new then, and I knew it was a pipe dream. Here I am (not telling you how many) years later, and I'm actually doing it!

    Have a wonderful weekend yourself, Ron!


  3. Great photos!!! What a fabulous experience !!! thanks for stopping by... I don't think you can get those teacups anymore .. I was fortunate to come across them in a local antique shop... wishing you a great week-end!! HHL