Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Manteo Area, Roanoke Island, OBX

Manteo is a town on Roanoke Island named after one of the two Croatan Indians taken back to England as a liaison by Richard Grenville, while attempting to settle the Lost Colony. He was later Christened "Lord of Roanoke", making him the first American Indian given a title of nobility.

The buildings in Manteo are the homes to many shops and restaurants along the Shallowbag Bay. 

The Albemarle and Croatan Sounds along the boardwalk have so much to offer. The Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse, shown below, is only one of the historical sites to take in.

We stopped off at this brewery to enjoy a cold beverage. They offer many wines as well as house-brewed beers along with an impressive menu.

There are many cultural things to see and do in Manteo as well. There is a museum, a theatre, art gallery, and an outside drama, "The Lost Colony", to enjoy. More on the drama in another post!

You can read more about Manteo and what they have to offer HERE

We spent a few hours strolling around in Manteo taking in all the sights and sounds of this beautiful area. We aren't finished yet, though! More of our OBX adventures coming tomorrow!

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