Monday, June 6, 2011

The Lost Colony, Roanoke Island, Outer Banks

Above pictures courtesy of The Lost Colony 

Stump and I went to Roanoke Island to see America's longest running drama. It is about the colonists who tried to settle on Roanoke Island from 1587 - 1590, and the birth of the first English child in America, Virginia Dare. All of them disappeared without a trace. They had so much going against them. There was the lack of food and other resources which was bad enough. The conflicts with the Indians on the island could well have been their downfall. Killing the Chief in the beginning was probably not the best decision that they could have made.

This play was interesting, educational, entertaining, and worth the $24 per person. If you go, be sure to take along bug spray. They sell it inside at the refreshment stand at $8 per bottle. People were buying that more than they were buying sodas. It is that bad. The mosquitoes there were showing up on air traffic control radar.

There was no photography allowed during the play, but before the play started, Stump and I explored the nature trail. I'm sharing those pictures with you. Notice the Indian hiding in the forest.

Be sure to check out the history of The Lost Colony HERE. If you get the chance to go, by all means do it!

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