Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a Typical Saturday

After the Xtreme Diver's Cookout on Saturday, Bear and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Danville, Virginia for a few Ziplocks and a beer or three. We were joined by my friend, Sage, and another friend/bartender/waiter/soon to be manager, Rob, on the patio. I did manage to take a few pictures before I decided the shooters and the company were more important.
Bear giving me the "eyebrow"

Cold and tall

Anyone up for a Ziplock?

Rob joined us for a few

What's up with that eyebrow, Bear?

Sage joined us after he got off work

Doesn't Bear look like he's having fun?


I had a great time, guys! Thanks for keeping me around even when I annoy you with all the picture taking. Y'all are good sports. XOXO


  1. I love the Cold and tall shot. Really cool with the image reflected through the beer.

  2. Thanks, Meryl. It actually tasted as good as the picture. It was sooo hot outside!

    Glad you popped in!

  3. As always, really good pics Miss D. However, the pic of Sage is *really* good. Different than any I've seen of him. You're gonna have to fill me in on those Ziplocks too....yes, I know...sheltered "Mommy" life and

  4. @ SaSa - We're going to get you out of the Sheltered Mommy Syndrome yet! You have GOT to try the ziplocks. They taste like liquid Sweet Tarts! Arrangements coming soon. Please stand by...