Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday - Helping With the Wedding Reception


On Monday, I blogged about a giveaway that Sasa provided. I helped her with her niece's wedding reception and was graciously given Cookie Lee jewelry that I decided to share with my readers (You can still enter HERE). Today, I'm going to share some of the photos that I took during setup and at the reception. I am posting more of the children on here because, well, they are just cuter! I hope you enjoy!

It is almost enough to make one want to have another child. Almost.



  1. Thanks for linking up and back today!

    Fun pics..... i love all those plaid shorts, too cute:)

    Happy Wednesday♥

  2. Thank you soo much for your help on Saturday!! There's no way the reception would have been as beautiful as it was without your help!! Thanks too for the great pics!! What would I ever do without you??

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. I've flipped through yours and you all know how to have fun...I love it! My ex was a diver and i always envied what a close knit group they are, looks like you, your family & friends are just like that :) Nice to *meet* ya!

  4. What cute kiddos!!! Looks like a fun time!
    Here from FF&P!!!

  5. @daphne - Thanks for hosting the link up, and thank you for stopping in! Happy Wednesday to you too!

    @Sasa - You are so welcome. I had a great time with you. Without me? You would definately be fine. You're amazing yourself!

    @Coastalpines - Thank you for stopping in here too. Nice to *meet* you as well!

    @Alicia - We did have a good time. The kids are always the cutest. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Hi! Stopping by from FF&P! Lovely pictures, looks like a great time!!

  7. @ The Pink Owl - I loved your pictures too! Wish I were going! Glad you stopped in.