Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Danville Fridays at the Crossing - Fridays in General

During the summer, the Carrington Pavilion hosts a concert series once a month on Friday nights called Fridays at the Crossing. These concerts showcase the best of the areas bands. There is usually a huge crowd. There is also plenty of beer, wine, and food on hand. You can always count on seeing friends that you haven't seen in a while.

On June 3rd, the Backstreet Band played at the carrington pavilion. Stump and I were ready to go. Gates opened at 6:00, but we got there a little late. We first stopped off for drinks at Franks, an Italian restaurant next to the Dan River in south Danville. We hung out there for a while with Kelly, Boots, and Bobby. Bobby escaped my camera at Franks. He did not, however, escape the camera at the concert!




After Franks, we all headed over to our friend Jeff's house. We had a few drinks there and enjoyed each other's company. Jeff's bar sits on a platform about 4 inches from the floor. I have fallen off of this platform more than once. On arrival, I warned everyone to remember the drop off so that no one would get hurt. I am very thoughtful in that way. I always look out for my friends. Five minutes later, I did it again. I was going to walk away from the bar and managed to turn my ankle in the process. I am just as accident prone as I am thoughtful. Here I am applying ice to a painful sprain:

Pictured left to right:
Jeff, Boots, Stump, Sasa, and Bobby

From Jeff's house, we finally went to the Carrington Pavilion to hear Backstreet. We ran into several of our friends and acquaintances while we were there.

I'm sure that the Backstreet Band gave a wonderful performance. Our group never managed to get to the stage area. We spent the whole evening near the vendors socializing and enjoying our beer and wine.

If you are ever in Danville, Virginia on the first Friday of the month, come check out Fridays at the Crossing. A schedule can be found HERE.

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