Thursday, June 16, 2011

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - My Brush With Alien Life

Aliens have been spotted in Danville, Virginia. I had a close encounter with one of those aliens this past weekend and I am lucky to have escaped to write this post.

On Saturday after the wedding reception, Boots, Mama Boots, Sage, and I headed over to Sasa's house for a few drinks to unwind from quite a long day. Sasa's son, Cole, who is three years old was there as well. Unable to find a cork screw, Sasa decided to make a run to the store to purchase one. She asked me if I minded watching Cole while she was gone. I assured her that I would take great care of him and sent her on her way.

I ventured out into the backyard with Cole to play on the swing set and to play T-ball with him. Everything was going very smoothly until Cole looked into the dark hole on which his baseball was perched.

"There's an alien in there!!!" Cole looked surprised and excited as he pointed his tiny finger into the dark abyss of the T-ball cylinder.

I closed one eye and peered into the hole, hoping that this alien was friendly. I was, of course in charge of Cole's safety in his mother's absence. "Hello?" I said into the pipe, hoping to not get an answer.

Cole pointed at the sky. "There he goes!" He shrieked, and followed the alien's space ship across the yard with his pointed finger. I watched as the miniature alien vanished from sight. "We have to find him. RIGHT NOW!" Cole said authoritatively as he grabbed my hand and led me across the back yard.
We looked under leaves, under chairs, under the swing set, and under a bucket. No alien. Cole and I called out for him in every place we looked. "Alien, are you in there?" We didn't get a reply.

Cole went to the garage door and tried the knob. The door was locked! Could the alien be hiding inside? We looked at each other with caution. "Do you think he is inside the key hole?" I asked Cole, a look of fear had spread across my face.

He put his little eye next to the keyhole and peered in. "Alien, are you in there?!?" At that, Cole jumped back and yelled "He came out! He is chasing us! RUN!!!!"

Cole and I ran as fast as our legs could carry us, away from the garage door, back across to the swing set, around the back of the house, up the stairs to the back deck, across the deck, and back out to the yard. We were screaming the whole time, in fear of being abducted and taken into outer space forever.

About the time that I felt I couldn't run any longer, Sasa's car pulled into the driveway. Cole turned to me and said, "Look, he's gone!" His mother had scared the alien away with her car. I was glad she was there too.

I had been the one who was supposed to be taking care of Cole. It turned out that Cole had kept me safe from the miniature alien who hides inside the T-ball pipe.

"So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us." ~Gaston Bachelard


  1. Love, Love, LOVE it!!!!!

  2. I thought you might, Sasa. That boy of yours is precious!

  3. such a cute story!! glad you wrote it down -- these are the kind of adorable things we forget as they get older!

  4. @ Little Miss Can't Be Wrong - I'm glad you enjoyed! I miss my boy being that young, and wish I could remember half of the things we did together like that. Thanks for stopping by.