Monday, June 20, 2011

A Budding Photographer

I spent Saturday morning and afternoon at Sasa's house with her, her sister Pam, and her son, Cole. If you haven't read about my adventure last Saturday with Cole, you can find that HERE (really cute story). I sat in on Sasa's Cookie Lee meeting (where I won two fab bracelets btw) and after all the business talk was over, we enjoyed wine and girl talk on the deck.
(Sasa's sister, Pam, wearing Cookie Lee jewelry for the meeting)

I love wine from Chateau Morrissette. I have talked about their wines more than once on this blog for good reason. Today I brought over two bottles of Sweet Mountain Laurel. We popped the cork(s) and started sipping a little early. Eleven thirty, to be exact. But in our defense that was 4:30 PM London time. Justifiable in my opinion. 
(Sasa enjoying a glass of Sweet Mountain Laurel)
Sasa's son, Cole, is three years old. I took a few pictures of him, and he decided that he wanted to take some pictures as well. I had a couple of glasses of wine in me, so I handed the boy my digital camera.
 (Sasa's son, Cole)
The following are the photographs shot by three year old Cole:
 (He almost had this one framed right)
 (Much closer - must not put fingers over the lens)
(A good shot of mom's face)
 (Perfectly framed, in focus, and I love the colors and angles)
 (Abstract photograph. Not sure what it is, but REALLY looks like the Diver Down flag)

I think we have a budding photographer.


  1. Excellent photos!

    And yes, I think you definitely have a budding photographer!

    Thank you so much for sharing about wine brand Chateau Morrissette, because I've it at the store but have never tried it. I do hope they make reds, because I LOVE me some red wine!

    Have a grrrrrrreat Monday!

  2. Enjoyed this! Tell Sasa big hello. :)

  3. @ Ron - They do have red wines! I'm not a red wine person myself, but from what I understand the reds are amazing.

    Thanks for stopping in again. Love hearing from you!


  4. @Deb - Will definately tell Sasa hello. We need to get you out and about with us sometime since you are finally in town. I'll have another buddy to blog about!