Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a Typical Saturday

After the Xtreme Diver's Cookout on Saturday, Bear and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Danville, Virginia for a few Ziplocks and a beer or three. We were joined by my friend, Sage, and another friend/bartender/waiter/soon to be manager, Rob, on the patio. I did manage to take a few pictures before I decided the shooters and the company were more important.
Bear giving me the "eyebrow"

Cold and tall

Anyone up for a Ziplock?

Rob joined us for a few

What's up with that eyebrow, Bear?

Sage joined us after he got off work

Doesn't Bear look like he's having fun?


I had a great time, guys! Thanks for keeping me around even when I annoy you with all the picture taking. Y'all are good sports. XOXO

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer for the National Aquarium Murfee Scarf (And Other Finds)


After reading one of my daily blog addictions, Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore, I just about broke my neck trying to get to my purse. Lilly Pulitzer has designed a Murfee scarf to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the National Aquarium. This is an absolutely beautiful print with coral and orange octopus and sea turtles on a turquoise background. There is even a secret message hidden in the print! There will only be 500 of these silk/cashmire scarves made, so get it if you want it! This was another "mandatory" purchase for a scuba diver. Plus, some of the procedes go straight to the Aquarium. How awesome is that?
My package came in the mail on Monday. I couldn't wait to unravel it.

You can find this scarf HERE and HERE.

C. Orrico, A Lilly Pulitzer store, had a killer sale going on the same day I found the National Aquarium Print. Items were up to half price! This is what I snagged.
Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Optical Confusion

Lilly Pulitzer Original Tote in Turquoise Kissue

Lilly Pulitzer Zippity Doo Make Up Bag in Turquoise Kissue

It felt like Christmas in late June! I can't wait to rock all of these beauties. Lilly Pulitzer is really art that you wear! How fun are these prints?!?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Xtreme Diver's Cookout, JMR Quarry

On Saturday, Stump, Bear, and I met up with the Xtreme Diver's Club, Part of the Piedmont Dive and Rescue Association for a cookout. J.D. Emerson, of BC Xtreme Sports, made an awesome Low Country Boil! We had the company of marvelous friends, enjoyed perfect weather, and spectacular scenery contributed to an amazing time.

I, of course, kept my camera as busy as it cold be snapping pictures of all the friends, food, and fun. I'm leaving you with just a few of the pictures that I took Saturday. Enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

First Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I know I did, and I will be back to blogging about my adventures tomorrow. For today, I have a bit of business that needs to be attended. I have to admit I'm excited.

Today I get to announce the winner of MYFWBS first giveaway! This giveaway was provided by my great friend, Sasa, who is an Independent Jewelry Consultant with Cookie Lee Jewelry. She also just started her own blog! You can find here HERE.

Here is a look at what is up for grabs today:

There were 42 total entries for this contest. I used to choose the winner. Here are the results:

Congratulations, LearnQuilling! You are the first winner from MYFWBS! I will be contacting you through email to get your mailing address! I hope you enjoy!

Thanks again to Sasa for providing such a beautiful giveaway!

Friday, June 24, 2011

PDRA Cookout

On Saturday, the Extreme Diver's Club is having a cookout for its members. Whenever there is diving, food, and great friends, you can be sure that you will find me in the mix! I'll be back next week to post pictures from the cookout. Until Monday, I wish you guys a happy weekend. I'm leaving a few pics I've not yet shared of our dives. Hope you enjoy!

 That's me!

 Stump swimming through old duct work

 Clearing his regulator

 Didn't know there were trains under water, did you?

 Me propped up against an airplane

 We are prepared for emergencies

 A memorial to a diver

I can't think of a better place for a Suzuki

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scuba Monkey

After work yesterday, Stump and I went diving at JMR Quarry. It was a wonderful dive and we spent 42 minutes under water swimming through sunken objects including a school bus, a series of tunnels, an airplane hull, and various other objects. I had a blast!

Being a diver, there are certain things I just HAVE to have. Things that I need and have acquired to survive under water include a BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), Regulator, Fins, and an air tank. There was something "missing", however.

I just bought two accessories that were and absolute "must have" for any scuba diver:

 Lilly Pulitzer "Scuba Monkey" coin purse

"Scuba Monkey" coozie made with Lilly Pulitzer fabric

I scored these old prints on ebay! I only wish I could find a murfee scarf in this print!