Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville - Broadway at the Beach

I will be leaving for the Outer Banks, North Carolina this afternoon for a scuba weekend. I have scheduled a post for tomorrow though, so come back to finish up my Myrtle Beach series for the week!
Broadway at the Beach is a must see in Myrtle Beach, SC. There are hundreds of places to shop, eat, and play. There are several night clubs on the property, many restaurants, and attractions. I am going to show you just a few. If you want to see even more, see the Broadway at the Beach website.
Wonderworks is a new interactive "research laboratory" that was turned upside down. You have to be turned upside down as well in order to tour the building. There is a zipline course outdoors and many other fun things to do inside. We didn't go in, but the website looks really cool.
Boots and I stop outside of the Hard Rock Cafe, Broadway at the Beach

Archway from night clubs into shopping area

Fat Tuesday is the best place to get a cold daiquiri. My favorite is the 190 Octane.

Wall behind the bar at Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday menu and my 190 Octane

Stump and Boots grab something cold to beat the heat

Boots and Stump on the patio at Fat Tuesday

Senor Frogs, across from Fat Tuesday, is a restaraunt, bar, and clothier
Boots and I party with the frog buddies

Some of the shops at Broadway at the Beach
Looking across the lake at more Broadway stores and attractions
Stump plays a short-lived game of Pac-Man at Retro Active, a 70's, 80's and 90's store, with tons of retro merchandise. Here you can find anything from Mr. Roger's Tees to old Doors albums.
Planet Rock 'N' Roll Carries all sorts of rock themed memorabelia. Tee shirts, posters, key chains, and backpacks are just some of the merchandise they have in stock.

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville is huge. It even has a hurricane twirling inside the building. There is an airplane that looks as if it has crashed through one of the walls too!

Sign outside of Margaritaville
Colorful adirondack chairs beg someone to sit and relax a while. 

Margaritaville's outside bar.

The drink menu.

Three amigos sipping margaritas in the sun.

Now, where did I put that shaker of salt?

More beach blogging tomorrow!

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