Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer Is (Almost) Officially Here!

Every year, the Myrtle Beach Spring Beach Rally kicks off my summer. I look forward all year to making this trip with my husband and friends. The start of the rally is my signal that summer has arrived and it is time to break out the shorts, tanning oil, and beach towels, and leave all my cares behind.

Although no longer officially held in Myrtle Beach, the surrounding area offers more than enough to do. Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson is one of the main sponsors and is where most of the vendors set up. There is also Murrells Inlet, where there are many more vendors, classy restaurants, as well as a burn out pit at the famous Suck Bang Blow (Original biker bar). They have two locations. The new(er) location is on HWY 17. The Rat Hole is also a favorite place for the biker rodeo and other games. Ice cold beer and beverages flow freely there. We are planning a dive to Barracuda Alley, an artificial reef, headed by Costal Scuba. It will be fun to add a dive to the rally this year. I will be sure to post lots of pictures from our dive.

Since Myrtle Beach isn't "officially" hosting the rally, we now stay in Surfside Beach, just south of Myrtle Beach at the most gorgeous condo. We are within walking distance to a few great bars and have a gorgeous view of the ocean. What? don't believe me? Just look:

(View of the beach from the balcony)

(Crossover from the parking garage)

(Bacon, eggs, pancakes, and coffee on the balcony)
*Boots is a GREAT cook!

 Stump, Boots, and I will be making the trek this year sans Bear (he has plans with family). I'm posting (quite) a few pictures from last year's Bike Week, and counting down the days until we make the trip.

(Stuck in slow traffic)
(Boots and Bear)
(Stump and a Hurricane)
(Steve and me)
(Bear, Boots, Me, and Stump)
(Me, my laptop, and a Crown and Coke)
(Boots can't start Stump's Bike - and never did!)
(Boots, Drunken Jack, and me)


Do any of you have any places that you like to go during Myrtle Beach Bike Week? I dare you to comment with better places than I have listed here. Go on... just you try! :)

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