Monday, May 30, 2011

No Shark Fishing - Garden City Pier

This is the last post from our Myrtle Beach getaway. I am on my way home from the Outer Banks today, and will be posting pictures from that trip tomorrow.

Garden City Pier, located in Garden City, South Carolina, is only a few minutes south of Myrtle Beach. The 668 foot pier has something for everyone. There is an arcade area for the kids, a cafe to grab a bite to eat, and a tack shop that has everything you need for a day of fishing. There are also two bars on the pier. One is located close to the shore line, the other is at the end of the pier. Next to the bar at the end of the pier, there is a stage, dance floor, and plenty of tables and chairs so that you can relax and listen to one of their nightly bands. There is no fee to walk out onto the pier.

You don't need a saltwater fishing license to fish here. Just pay a small fee to the tack shop and you can fish all day long. They rent rods as well. There are signs posted "No Shark Fishing". I don't think the sharks could read them though. They seemed to be the only fish biting while we were there. I saw three sharks caught in a matter of minutes. Maybe they need to post the signs under the water.


  1. Hi, I am a native of the Outer Banks and just wanted to give you a little more info. The TOP of the Wright Bros Memorial has been closed for many years, but when I was a kid, and went to the TOP, it was a long climb up marble steps, but I fell almost at the top and slid (quick trip) most of the way back down, to the feet of a kind gentleman that stopped my fall.
    Also the "stained glass" at the Jolly Roger isn't! It is painted on to look that way!
    Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Thanks for that extra info! I'm all about learning the history and culture of the places I visit.

    Also thanks for stopping by and for your comment!