Friday, May 13, 2011

Memories Last A Lifetime

This week, I have been reminiscing about days gone by. I've dug up old photographs for Facebook and my blog, I've gone back over genealogy records, and even looked up old songs that no one remembers. I thought I would end the week with a few great memories from my childhood. These are things that formed the person I am, and that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

My Favorite Toys...

(Barbie's Country Camper)

(I had Cher, I never got Sonny. Cher was too tall to play properly with Barbie)

(Little People - They used to be made of wood. My sis and I called them "Little Dolls")
(Weebles Tree House - Weebles were made way better back then too)

Then there were the wonderful television shows. Children's programming was only on a couple of hours in the afternoon during the week and a few hours on Sunday morning. We didn't have Cartoon Network and the like back then. I loved so many of these shows. I'm only posting some of my favorites though. I'd be uploading for the next week if I listed them all.

(The Electric Company was just as educational as Sesame Street)

(H.R. Puffinstuf with Freddy the Magic Flute - I still remember all the words to the theme song)

(The Land of the Lost - I loved the Sleestack episodes best)

Of course, with all the television, there were also movies. It was a special treat when Hollywood would release a kid's movie. Those didn't happen often enough. I loved it when my parents would take me to the movie theatre and buy popcorn and sodas. It was so special. Here are a few of the good ones:
(Escape to Witch Mountain - This movie really kept me on the edge of my seat)
(Probably one of the sweetest, heart touching movies of the 70's)

(Herbie is so popular, many people still paint the "53" on their Volkswagens)

Before you think all I did was watch television, movies, and play with toys, I should tell you that I did quite a bit of reading as well. I had some of the best books. Little Golden Books is what they were called. They had a golden spine. Here are a few:
(Chicken Little thought the sky was falling)

(I cried when Bambi's mom got shot)

Oh, let's not forget meal time at school! This was my favorite lunch box:
(Lunch boxes were so cool back then. They were metal and had a matching thermos)

We were not without public service announcements either. We had some pretty good ones:
(I loved Smoky the Bear. I thought he lived not far from me)

(Give a hoot. Don't Pollute. Never be a dirty Bird. In the city or in the woods, help keep America Lookin' good)

(Do you remember the commercial? The Indian shed one single tear)

I had such a great time growing up in the 70s. Birthday parties at McDonald's were priceless. Standing up in the back seat of the car while going to the zoo is illegal now, but I did it as a child. I did survive. I've eaten corn dogs at the Puyallup Fair in Washington State. I swore that the snowman that I built in Sumner, Oregon walked fifty feet on his own while I was asleep (A mean kid knocked mine down and my parents rebuilt it so I wouldn't get upset). I had my mean streaks too. I threw someone's cat into the Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington because I wanted to swim and I figured that the cat must want to swim too (not really mean, just mistaken). I took many trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia with my family. I rode a bicycle built for two in Colonial Williamsburg. My parents even bought me a 1700s dress and bonnet from Williamsburg. I have pictures.

These are only a few of the wonderful memories I have of the 70s. I'm sure that one day I will share more.

Thanks for taking the trip down memory lane with me. I'd love to hear some of your memories too. Please leave your comments! Until next time... "Same bat time, same bat channel". This is MYFWBS signing out.

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