Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Festival in the Park 2011 Pictures

I went to the Festival in the Park on Saturday with my son and his girlfriend. I had intended on posting about the festival yesterday, but decided to post what I really enjoyed about the festival instead. You can read that here. I couldn't tell you about Festival in the Park, however, and not deliver on the photos. Today, I am giving you those photos with minimum comment. I hope you enjoy!
(This thing was made of real metal! It had to have been terrible to walk around in)

(Something for the kids)

(Face painting and flower planting)


(I wanted to buy all of her bags)

(A row of vendors)
(Hand made and beautifully detailed)

(Wreaths, candles, and art)

(The cutest sayings)

(I need one of these to tone up)

(Handmade rugs and baskets)

(Beautifully detailed)

(This would look so nice in my back yard)

(Hand made leather belts)

(Something for puppy)

(Quilts, throws, bibs, and bags)

(I loved this one)

(Nautical Art)

(The artist was on site painting these)

(Wood crafts)

(Doll clothes)

(Danville Bloodmobile)

(Antique ice cream maker)

(Fried turkey legs)

(This is where the great aroma of barbecue originated)

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