Monday, April 4, 2011

Shopping With A Sage

My friend Sage and I went to Greensboro clubbing Saturday night and then spent the day shopping on Sunday. We went to Jay's Diner at Friendly Center for brunch on Sunday. The Jewish Western Omelette was amazing. It was made with pastrami, green pepper, onions, and cheese. They served it with home fries and a plain bagel with cream cheese. Too. Die. For. I craved one for dinner too. I wish I had thought about taking pics for the blog, but I was too interested in eating :) I do have a pic of Sage though:

(Sage in his new shirt and vest he got at Macy's)

After the amazing eats at Jay's, we had about an hour to waste before the stores opened. We headed to Starbucks and got Mocha Frappuccinos and found a couple of adirondack chairs to lounge in. Pure heaven.

When the stores opened, we went to Palm Avenue, a Lilly Pulitzer via store. I came out empty handed. The largest size they had in the store was a size 6. I haven't been a size 6 since I was... well... ever. And as far as the bags and bobbles, I already have many of those. What I wanted was shorts and a dress. I suppose Lilly online will be getting an order from me soon.

(Excuse the poor photo quality. This was taken from my Blackberry)

We looked around at J. Crew. We did heavy damage at Macy's. Sage got a smart  gray vest and that gorgeous black, turquoise, and green striped shirt in the above picture. Me, well, here is what I brought home:

We left Greensboro with our purchases and watched a couple of movies at my house with my son before I headed off to bed on Sunday night. Monday mornings come too early, but what a fun weekend!

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