Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Friends With Voices

One of my friends posted a note on Facebook yesterday titled "About Me". I clicked on the note and read a very well written, open, and candid message. The note focused on things that even close friends likely did not know about her. I really enjoyed reading what Sasa (pronounced Say-say) had to say about herself, and it sparked a new idea to incorporate into this blog.

(Sasa, seated on left)

I asked Sasa to write a guest blog, and she received the idea with what I felt to be excitement. I know guest posters are by no means a new concept, but under the heading of "Friends With Benefits", I feel that this is a new spin on an old idea. I'm thinking of having my personal friends write guest posts on occasion to give more insight into the people that I love and why I love them. I also believe that these posts will allow my readers to connect with them as well.

What do you think? Would you like to hear from the people that I post about? Would you like to see the "About Me" type posts, or would you rather see "The other side of the story"?

I would LOVE to get your feedback! Leave a comment at the beep!


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